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Question about spriting

uhm.. can we use the spr file then put it in game?! coz i'm having an error everytime i see a ninja/gunslinger's sprites!! can that help?! i mean if i put the spr file of ninja and gslinger in data folder?! and if you have them can you give me the link?! thanks! ^^


You meant, their original costume that they created by their imagination/idea like this for example?

If yes, you actually can take some pieces from different npc/char if that part is the same as what you imagine for your costume. Then you have to edit it a bit. Sometimes you gotta draw it all from scratch on your own (well, not really draw on paper and scan it up, just draw on computer) if u cannot find any part from npc/char that looks like the one u want. This is how i usually make sprite tho, dunno how about others =x


my god that sprite is good!!!

Dark Ganxta Link

how to make so cool sprites??
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wat program r u using to make that kind of sprite???


This is the part where it gets so funny. "How to use the programs to develop such good sprites?"

It's talent and patience and skill to develop skills like that.
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