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Msn adresses


If anyone uses msn post your adresses here

Lady Serenity
Im Just A Noob ^__^'


Sure, why not:

It's not my email, I dont use it for that. I get too much spam there, lol

Dark Ganxta Link

okay^^ (my english isn`t the best because I´m german)
wer fragen an mich hat einfach in MSN adden oder Mailen!^^ MSN:

Vallynne Blackburn

Hmm, mine is

Tee hee,,


I guess I'll do what all the cool kids are doing:
"Put on the headphones, fight to the beat! Dropkick your opponent, with your feet!" - Seph-kun Aguraki


Like ur Signature. xD

Mh. Well... i don't post any edit from me.. but on the following days few edits will come~ ...
Anyways,.. here my Addy ~>

~ Chiii & Chia forever in love ~


Utogobe I don't use it often.


Mine is:

Note: i'm using my computer together with my brother so if you snding me a message maybe i don't responde. Because its not me, its my brother who doesn't like MSN xD
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