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[Register] can i make a sprites in my dream...

windwolfg many beautiful and cool char and sprites in tis forum...but i juz cant make it out by my any1 can teach me how to make all of tis...thx...coz i am a newbie and dunno everything norx
Searching True Lorve!!!


Any1 can teach me marh pls...@.@...
Searching True Lorve!!!


You can make em in photoshop.
1-Get the sprites (search for sprite sheets and such.)
2-Open photoshop. make sure they are in mode RGB (Image>Mode>RGB Color)
3-In the layer window, click the image again, changing its name from “background” to “layer 0”
4-With the wand tool, select around the image and erase the surrounding colour, so it will become transparent (sometimes this is not necessary)
5-Gather all the elements you want to work on and drag em to their places.

Then you are free to EDIT it, if wished. : |
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