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What programs do you guys use to make sprites?


I would like to know so I can make some or if anyone was willing to make me some custom ones that would be nice too.


Yeah, i want to konw too, this the problem, i have a server and i want to add a new job: Pirates of caribbean Job XD, but i need the sprites first, but i dont know how to make them :(, so please guys, can you tell to MikeyUchiha and me what programs do we need, o how you make it, if you want to help me, you can make the sprites, i look need this: Pirate sprite, Captian Sprite and mmm lets see, Royal Sprite, and if you can make them this way better, look: Pirate only a shirt with long leeves, and of course the pants xD, Pirate ammm let me see, i would like a Custom like Cpt. Barbosa a very long suit, and for Royal, you know how like the soldiers of england in the movie, the red ones jajajaja, if you can make me that big favor, ill really apreciate it, look ill give you mi E mail, so you can tell me if you want to this, and to pass me the sprites, ammm considere this a big chalenge thnx

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Or photoshop.
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