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Important Notice (NEW!)


Alright, the forum is back! :D I completely rescripted it (as I did the whole page q_q), so there might be new bugs and also some old ones. ;D Let me know if you find anything, and keep posting your ideas and wishes for this page please.


I changed something in the board tags function, so board tags should work better now. <_< with the [url] and [/url] in caps works now, even mixed with other tags (thanks to Andany for bringing this to my attention). It's probably still full of bugs, but this forum is more or less my playground to practice regular expressions anyway, so yea, who cares.


Added Emoticions:

Also added avatars, check your profile and tell me if you find any bugs!


I decided to learn some JavaScript, so the post form is a little more comfortable now with nice buttons for random crap and o so cute emoticon buttons... It still sucks because the cursor doesn't focus back on the text after you click a button, but I'm gonna fix that tomorrow because I'm sleepy.
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