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Gallery of paranoir
time will come~ paranoir
new sig
right one is edited a little bit.
I'm not that sure if I'll still like it in future but whatever D:

oh and no my sin love will never end

moony sin paranoir
edit out of the moonysprite, a little bit stalker, sin cross skirt thing and so on... <3

I really like it *-* But you know that he xD
aww, man!!!
so thin!!! her legs, her hands and her body!!! skeleton?
but... nice out fit, i like it... =P
lol... nice~ ^^
sin+sin cross paranoir
this happened because i don't like the upper sin cross body very much..
oh and not to forget to mention
that cap under the cat is from an einbroch npc D:

dysthymia & paranoir sig paranoir
my still beloved sig...
both sprites are edited, the right one not that much, so you might not see it =)

sitting sin paranoir
one of my first edits...
i still like it very much

nice~ but... her legs are a bit strange, maybe you should edit it ;)
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