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Gallery of p y n z
Beelzebub p y n z
Just something I've finished a few months ago...
It's sort of a human version of the MVP Beelzebub, from abbey03...

It's based on this guy's sprite:
So, credit goes to him... :)

Idk, I just felt like making my own version of it, and I like the way it came out :D
And I like it more than the original one >D

I'll be coming out with a series of sprites about... Uhm, races, or something, based on a private server I played on for like three days, I don't know. The server was pretty shitty, but the main idea of a race sistem is pretty cool, so I couldn't waste it :D

Ok, that's it, byee~

- please, do not use my sprites without asking me to -

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amy solo p y n z
this is Amy having some bubble fun :D
ok i'll stop with the bubbles, promise :(

- please, do not use my sprites without asking me to -

more bubble fun p y n z
as you can tell, I LOVED my bubble minstrel (minstrel and wanderes are my favorite RO jobs EVER), so i came up with another one.

I also gave them names, these are Amy and Dean...
Yeah i just decided to give them names, so what?


- please, do not use my sprites without asking me to -

lightning wisdom p y n z
and random hits me again ~

- please, do not use my sprites without asking me to -

p y n z
My mistake.
I just thought it looked like that link.
p y n z
sure (:
but send me the website link when u do it *-*'
Hi p y n z, I want to use some of your sprites for a web, they're awesome! Can I use them?
p y n z
YEAH! I do not copy people u_ú ~and if you see any sprite here that may look like someone else's, you be sure i'll be posting credits, just like the edit below, CLEAR?! thank you for the comment, come back soon! <3
I'm helping him with the edits, aerandil... I'm sure that he's not using anyone sprite.
p y n z
i am...? ._.
lol, you are using someone else's sprites to make your own.
say a little prayer p y n z

I reeeeeeeaaly loved that one! I like making cute stuff :3
and as you can see, it's basically the same hairstyle from the GM... i was tooooo lazy to make a new one, and i honestly loved it, so i'll use it a lot :P

credits goes for Yunako, I was based on an avatar she once made.
BTW, Yunako u rule :P

- please, do not use my sprites without asking me to -

p y n z
ooomg, THANK YOU :O
Thx xD <3
Nice works! :D
Baphomet... Lady? p y n z
ok, now, THIS is a new monster edit I made, and it was supposed to look like a female version of Baphomet. but I'm not pretty sure if it actually does.
ANYWAYS, I like, and I'm uploading, you like it or not u_ú

omg I'm so funny... jk again :3

- please do not use my sprites without asking me to -

bubble fuun :D p y n z
yaaaay I'm back! :D
and this is a random Minstrel edit I just finished, and...
I srsly like it! *¬*

so yeah, i'll be uploading other 4 sprites,
hope you guys like them :3
see ya ~

- please, do not use my sprites without asking me to -

Ace p y n z
Preeetty random LOL

Hope everyone like it :3

- please, do not use my sprites without asking me to -

Nossa, a-d-o-r-e-i as correntes!
E que imponência desses pelinhos em volta do pescoço!!

Você tem um ÓTIMO potencial como spriter, e particularmente, eu gosto do seu estilo - sou realmente fã das coisas simples bem trabalhadas.

Agradeço seu elogio, mas eu acho que você está pau-a-pau comigo~

E eu acho que você edita cabelos melhor que eu heim!

Continue postando coisas lindas assim :3
p y n z
yaay, thanks :)
Kick Ass! :D
Random GM p y n z
I just made it, its 23:16 PM here right now... It took me liek one hour :o

But i'm proud of it, its veeeery cute *¬*

- please, do not use my sprites without asking me to -

ADOREI o cabelo (é meu hairstyle preferido) - Esse movimento dele ficou tão natural, tão bonito :~

O jeito que você trabalhou a pose, a harmonia das cores, a simplicidade e tudo mais me deixou encantada~

I like how you made the hair longer. *-*
And the glitter is very cute. >.< <3
Kyuuute :) You're good at spriting :)) Liked your Aline Too :)
Aline - Cleaning Boss p y n z
this isn't my first edit, though, its my favorite one till now, thus the only one i wanted to upload here by now :)

- please, do not use my sprites without asking me to -

Gente! que coraçãozinho mais meigo é esse??
Muito lindo~
Well you could create another monster like you just did. A mix of monsters kinda.
p y n z
aactually, i took second original hair sprite from RO... i love that one :3
Whay! It's cute. *_* But maybe you should have do another hairstyle? This hairstyle has Alice. xD
But it's very cute. *___* <3
p y n z
but i have no ideas right now :/
could anyone give me some ideas? :D
p y n z
thaank you very much! :D
Really Great!! Added to Favs!
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