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Gallery of otakumaster
Priest for sister otakumaster
This not so custom but i did it for my sister :D ....

Ask for permission to use my sprites....
Just pm

One of my chars in Ragnamania otakumaster
I pick my char IceSage, that no longer exists, and did a remake with some fashion colors and a magic taste, its my second remake so I think its getting better XD......i hope....u.u

Dont use without permission, just send an email for asking for it ok???

First sprite otakumaster
This is my first sprite, i hope to learn how to do better ones.......^^

Dont use without permission!!!!

Yes i have those two and i will do two more when i have some time left, my work is consuming my hole time and my university classes are driven me crazy rsrsrs but i will do better if i can XD
hoho o my good exelent!
Hey you did this awesome sprite a while back, gotten any better?
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