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Gallery of millk
stars millk
and some stars and writing...

ah~~~~~~~ so romantic~~~
hey, how about put the shooting star(s) and then they make their wish.... =P
Thats Sooo Sweet!
Nice Work!
snow? o.O millk
Haven't had any ideas so not much editing yet ._.
But here's some snow :D

so romantic... so shuang.....
Yes ^^ Weather Animations Kro gave they <.< I had see it at a Krolike Server because my freind want to be an GM also we test some Funktions on a server and....we saw the weather Animations <,< We were very suprides and we want it inagme To ^^ But the snow is very cute and it will stay so ^^
weather animations ? O.O
gimmmeee.... T_____T
i want them ig ...

I really like the idea of this pic... the snow looks so soft ... <3
Okay Okay Jacki^^ The BG is Also Very Cute o.o but you know that in Kro Weather Animations are Ingame o.o a Friend shows me that on a diffrent server And the snow looks like that weather animation Ö-ö Wanna have Snow in Towns at Chrismas Sakuras At Spring fallen Leavs at autumn and Fireworks at New Year ^_^ Its all in Game but why Gravirty it doesn't use? Dunno ~töf~
hihi x3~
you forgot the BG Silver ;P it's also sooo~ cute ;O;
*agrees with silver ^^*

uah, I think the priest should were sth to protect their legs because of the cold snow >_<" *brrrr*
Woha o.o I Like the snow its so damn Cute and the Text i damn Cute too~ Oo I'm not abel to make Animations so ~~ Damn Cute Picture ^_^
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