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Gallery of joruri
TaROt || Emperor joruri
"Emperor" in my TaROt set.

again not much to say. hope people are liking them though XD

Please do not steal! /bzz

TaROt || Empress joruri
"Empress" in my TaROt set.

Not much to say :( But I fail at making it look like she's landing.

Please do not steal! /bzz

That's cutee..
Love the clouds
And the wings ;_; where did you get em?
TaROt || The High Priestess joruri
"The High Priestess" in my TaROt set.

Didn't really do much, and I was rather lazy to fix the appearance of the rosary, but its ok. haha

Representation: "In her right hand she holds a sceptre with a cross and in her left a (closed) book." (tarotpedia)

Please do not steal! /bzz

TaROt || The Magician joruri
"The Magician" in my TaROt set.

I really like how the effects surrounding the wand turned out. Made me happy :D

For some of these, I was looking at descriptions of how some original tarot cards were:
"The Magician clasps a sceptre in his right hand and raises it to the sky, and points with his left hand to the ground, which is an allusion to the hermetic saying “As above so below”." (

Please do not steal! /bzz

TaROt || The Fool joruri
"The Fool" in my TaROt set.

Very simple editing on this. Put together the sitting sprite and music playing one of the minstrel.

Please do not steal! /bzz

Monster Fight! joruri
Just a silly compilation of some of my characters and their pets.

uhh the ninja looks like tsukasa in lucky star
Sitting monk joruri
Just some practice. It doesn't look like much, but compare it to the actual monk sprites. I drew the whole thing myself - not a good idea, but it was practice for future projects. I also have a hunter kicking like a Taekwon, but the legs didn't turn out as well as this one did. Although, its a little smaller than the actual monk sprites. bleh

and if you care to notice, she's sitting similar to a female swordsman - I'm not good at making my own poses :p

History: Neko-Jo and Angel SHIN joruri
(first upload, not first edit :D)

A pic of my character and my bf's character as kids. I dunno whats going on >.<; I'm supposed to make a story for it but my brain is lagging. :D; I looove that neko girl npc though :3

Note: when I was making this, it didn't occur to me that there were still sprites of dead characters XD

oh no!

Very nice.
I really look forward to the story ^^
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