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Gallery of eyjay
Midnight Blaze figurine. eyjay
She's from Knights Templar, thus the red cross in white shield. ^^

I love it *_*
Peco´s RLZ!

And she Looks so lovely **
Nyanko is right, you really are great in drawing the capes. ^-^ I love it, too <3
I like the way she's sitting on the Peco. *_* She looks much taller. o: Great. <3
I rly love ur style, keep going!
love the way you draw capes <3
I like this one because she looks like a figurine (she would look awesome on my table >w<
Lorn and Burgundy figurine. ^^ eyjay
In glass. XD

The old Quillon Scanlon eyjay
AE's first sin.

Burgundy's Detective Agency eyjay
Lorn's beloved burdundy. <3

She's likes pets and is a Nancy Drew fan. :P

Too late for Christmas. XD eyjay
I tried making a Christmas sig last month and I used it for awhile. Forgot about this site and well, I'm back. ^^

It's supposedly the journey of Lorn`Blackrose and burgundy in search for "the sealed one", Quillon Scanlon.

All hail Lorn Jr., Lorn's Golden Grand Peco. XD

Enjoy. ^^

This is done very well!
XD It's really easy, just needs some imagination and patience. XD

Still in Fenrir? Yep, kinda retired at the moment. ^^

Oh, Tyr! You mean server merge? Well, see you then. ^^
Kewl =P I wanna learn how to edit the capes and scarves >________<

btw, still in Fen? then let's meet when it becomes Tyr. ^_______^
Imperial Lorn v2. eyjay
Nuclear launch detectec. LOL.

Sorry, I think I need some sleep. XD

Oh noes...the peco will fall over from the weight. XD
Whata... I just LOVE it!
Very nice job.
Replica Conjecture eyjay
Project Min-Min. ^^ (It's suppose to look like a marionette clone/doppel of Quillon. ^^;) In the supposedly story, she's the dead daugther of Quillon, whom the latter failed to save. Her soul was later infused to a marionette body which was cloned from Quillon.

Bleh, sorry, I'm somewhat an imaginative guy. LOL.

AHHH!!! Scary (/scrd)
I myself am Heaven and Hell. eyjay
The dragon's taken from BoF 3. XD

Too much dark so we can't see very well your dragoon..

But very very beautiful, guy you're born for that OoO
Devotion eyjay
Lorn devoting himself into protecting burgundy. <3 ^^

Bleh, too lazy to edit some parts. XD Pardon me. XD

Really creative, using the mask of darkness as a beak for the pecopeco.
Betrayed by light. eyjay
Ever since RO started they've been calling the assassins the "lurkers of the shadows/shadow of death". Well here's something inspired for the concept. ^^

Quillon Scanlon's shadow. ^^

Idol!! hehe...

I really love this one... /lv

btw, tnx for the edits...XD

sooooooo niiiiiiiiiiiceeeee !!! ><
can u edit it for me ? ... >.> put d words deLux on the upper left of d pic >.< plzzz ? ur works are sooooo greaaaaat !!!
This is freaking INSANE! I love it! <3
Mars Aratania
I love it...
WOW !!! O.o this is very cool!
i think thats really great :D dark and scary, i love it.
but i dont like the yellow ----------------Quilldon Scanlon .. it doesnt fit to the rest x(

Imperial Cavalry Aegis Unit, Silvermoon Division. eyjay
Lorn`Blackrose. =P

My paladin, and his trusty gold grand peco, Lorn Jr. XD

Yes, I took the cape out of that sprite. ^^ If you want I'll edit that part since some parts of the black armor and the whole cape itself was taken from that cape. ^^

The sword, headgear and the grandpeco though were created by me. (yay!) ^^

Pardon. ^^
Please say that you have the cape taken from an Korean Side i don'r remember but , i have the sprite you used on my computer...just wonder...
Skye Deity
How do you edit this?! It's so cool... *drool*
Pardon my noobness in trying to construct a suitable sword. XD

About the armor and the grand peco's color, well I used to belong to this guild called Alarius Eversor where the emblem was something that looked like a red rose with black outline(hence Lorn`Blackrose.) then the guild disbanded and merged with some other guilds (Ordis Legionaris, which means Imperial Legionnaire) AND THE PROBLEM WAS I WAS ALREADY FINISHED WITH THE RIDER WHEN THE MERGED THING HAPPENED. T__T The new guilds color theme was Silver and Yellow so yeah, I wasn't able to redo the coloring of the sprites. =/ Too much stuffs to worry about irl. :(

Thanks a lot for the very honest constructive criticism. :) Very much appreciated. ^__^ /thx
Mars Aratania
Mars Aratania
(Please Don't take this Critique Seriouusly)


Although being the pain in the ass that I am, I have to comment.. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAAA XD


It is a little flat. To fix this I would say use more color.


Too dark and bold colored...
RO Sprites are supossed to be pastel and light I understand the Black Armor thing(Trust me I had to put up with making that) But Maybe use Brighter colors to add more detail to the art.

:THE CAPE. I love it. It's got a perfect movement that almost makes it look alive! One problem though.
I can't see the shape of the cape. >_<
I mean I can... but I can't... Get what I'm sayin?
It looks freakin the smex, but it Is hard to see it's normal shape...

:THE PECO. (and fwi, I'm not yelling, the caps just draw attention.)

The Color Scheme for the peco doesn't exactly match with the picture as a whole. Mostly just the yellow tapestry things....or wings....or what ever the hell they are... O_o
They Would look freakin awsome in blood red.

That is really all that is bad. Keep up the Great Work^_^

Mars: Signing Out
Imperial Cavalry eyjay
Lorn`Blackrose(My paladin. XD) and his little sister Ivory`Blackrose. Random sprite edit, please don't kill me. XD

hey ummm juz wonderin can i borrow ur other sprites??

ooh...i like this~~send the sprite to me pleaseeee<3<3<3..XP...i'm loving all ur sprites
Goodness...I love those capes.

The female Knight's/Paladin/Swordsman's armor is really lovely as well!

I admire the detail you put in on the male Paladin's armor as well! The shoulder strappy things are really eye catching. :D
Mars Aratania
I love it... It is perfect....

No critique this time... I'm too tired from the last one. XD
Quillon's shadow. eyjay
Well, yeah, randomness where the sig portray's Quillon's quickness. lol. XD

The ghost and the goddess. eyjay
Well it's sort of inspired from the fanfic we made where Quillon died and went to Niffleheim while fuschia was trapped in Valhalla when there was a malfunction in the heart of Ymir.(later on she was given an offer to be one of the Valk's by goddess Frig.) I know it sounds weird but hey, it's a role playing game. XD

I´m so impressed with ur work is awsome *_*
Lady Serenity
I <3 that Moon...
Great Edit ^_^
Mars Aratania
Amen. (I've always wanted to say that on the computer!)XD
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