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Gallery of evil-tenshi
Alice evil-tenshi
Part of my project to make my characters an Alice In Wonderland version, this is my assassin as Alice.

sprites used:
-cute ribbon

Bear Hug! evil-tenshi
'Oh look, a bear! -HUUUUG-'

For my friend Jess, whom cannot resist the urge to hug every bear that she sees :] Part of a sig.

sprites used:
-female priest
-zipper bear

Cart Revolution !! evil-tenshi
For the crazy alch that forced me to go job 50 as high thief.

I had lots of 'fun' making this sig. Mainly almost finishing it without realizing that the pose oppose the whole idea of him being the cart revo addict ._.'' I also burnt the sprite too much and the blood...looks like a bunch of red lines ;__;

sprites used:
-male creator
-panda cart
-orange potions

Angel of Death evil-tenshi
For my friend, who invited me back to my guild <3 Made to cheer him on as he makes his way through the final few levels before transcendent.

The cape and wings (barely visible) are from retribution, which he calls TOTALLY AWESOME. The ring of smoke around his meet came from the ever hated Owl Baron/Duke. The dust around him is from my photoshop brushes.

Sprites used:
Male sinx
Owl Baron

Credits to my friend for the idea (although I'd like to claim it as mine)
Nice way to combine sprites.
K.O!! evil-tenshi
Part of the sig I made for my lovely guildleader :]

He's in the ninja and the poor highwiz is our ex-guildie. Make sorta as a joke, he wouldn't suggest anything so I had to make it like this xD He also wanted a overdone background, which usually wouldn't be a problem for me. But this one just looks MUCH nicer with a simple bg.

Spites used:
High Wizard
Flame Stone
and the boomerang thingy I drew myself ._.

Thank youu
Some sound in my head tells me this is perfect. :)
That boomerang is cool! Your guildleader is a lucky person xD
RARW! ;D evil-tenshi
a request from a old friend XD
Stuck some aco sprites together, the upper body is from a battle pose and the legs from being hit pose. The moon, bats, kitty and shoes all came form the loli sprite.


Scythe looks like a crayon drawn but its AWESOME!
FALCON ASSULT! evil-tenshi
Gogo falcon!
It started out as a hunter wind walking into sniper...except I had NO IDEA where to find the sprite for the ww effect @_@

Overall, it's one of my best animations (I suck ;_; ). It's not AS choppy and has a nice flow to it? D: Although it looks weird when the falcon land on his arm, but that's beside the point :]

sprites used:

nice nice
Apple's sig v2.1 evil-tenshi
She held a contest with VERY GOOD PRIZE (3mil) <3

and guess what? I won! yay me ._.

Not much editing was involved, just alot of flipping, rotating, and pasting @_@

-female high priest
-female high wizard
-male high priest
-male champion

at least you ended up winning..? xD
lol, it wasn't this one.
I had to make 3 ;___;
hey cool! a fellow RFer :D

I like this one. It's nice.

And thats why you won. /heh
Happy birthday Peeko! evil-tenshi
Yesterday was my dear wife's birthday :]

I hope you get your cake~~

sprites used:
-female pally (duh :])
-this weird sader npc @juno
-leaf cat @___@

Alice in Wonderland! evil-tenshi
Mm, made this sig for a friend a while ago.
She originally wanted Alice, Mad hatter AND the white rabbit, which I failed miserably trying to create ;_;
So then I decided to pile them all into one! Great idea? yarr.
But the sprite ended up too..complicated? So out goes the white rabbit @__@

sprites used:
-owl duke
-Alicel (the hair)
-female GM
-the weird wizard form the sign quest ._.

lolol! thanks :]
this is so cool T__T!!!
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