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Gallery of darkayden
Hello Love Sniper 2 darkayden
Same as the other one but with a background.

BTW with all my editing I only use 1 program. Paint. It takes a LOT of zooming in and out but it's fun!

Actually I found the pic on of the heart on the internet. I didn't really draw it. But I like how the rough and smooth parts of the heart complement my sprite editing.
This can NOT be more original as it is. Good custom pose, proper editing, i really like it :) The heart background looks like for me as it has been made with pencils. O.o */hmm Am i right? *fav*
Hello Love Sniper darkayden
This was actually the first one I made. It's my Sniper and my bf's SinX.

He really loved it when I sent it to him.

Mistress Squishy darkayden
Here is another avatar I made on a whim.

I think I squished too much stuff together for this S&M inspired avatar. It's my Sniper Lil_Squishy sitting on a chair made by two Incubusses.

Skirt Edit darkayden
This was one of my earlier pieces. It was also a part of a bigger mini-comic.

I just edited a GM skirt on a novice sprite and added the guy trying to peek under for a little laugh.

Sage and Smith 2 darkayden
Another concept for my sig. I added a hand for the smith so it looks like he has it on the sage's head but I don't think the angle of her head is just right.

What do you think?

the head looks nice :3
maybe you could have made it face the "camera", but this works well~
Hello Love darkayden
This is an avatar I made for me and bf. They are both our characters from Essence RO.

I'm the Priestess and my bf's is the SinX

Sniper Moon darkayden
My first ever Avatar I made.

Eat your heart out Loli!

Rouges on Ice darkayden
This one I made for people back in my IRO guild. It's two of our rouges Ice skating.

Again part of a bigger mini-comic

Present fort darkayden
This one took me about 2 hours to figure out all the angles to make the fort just right.

it's part of a bigger mini comic I made. Let's see if Stormy can break my +10 VVS present fort that fights back!

Apple bottom Jeans.... darkayden
I just finished this one last night. It's based off the song Low by flo rida ft. t-pain.

God I love how her butt came out! It took soooooooooooo long to give her more junk in the trunk but it was worth it! I made one with hearts on her butt and a skull on her boot and one without. What do you like best?

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