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Gallery of churippu
lying in the arms churippu
also a part of an wanna-be-ava :>
The sinX is holding the her while she is falling, and protect her in his arms ^~^

<3 This priest style! Nice pic!
ei, how can i make sprites?
auf Händen getragen churippu
~it was a semi-request of my perm-share, from this edit I tryed to get a lot avas...:x nya
the sinX is carrying the Priest above all obstacles~ she is holding a flower :>

>.< awwwww sooo sweet <3
aww thats adorable ^^ I love how you positioned it so well... :D
brown~ churippu
:x yoa titel is talking for itself. brown Dancer & Priest for my new signatur :>

forbidden suicid~ churippu
Yeah my actual avatar :x
...I had the Idea by finding sprites of the Priestskills, it shall show the Priest who suicid is forbidden by God and the dancer who want to cheer her up qq"...much to say and so less picture :x....nya I knew what I want to say xD....not everyone is that much intresstent in meaning of avas :/

dancing love churippu just my danca and the monk of my perm share...^~^

Be my Valentine~ churippu
Yoa thats to say how bad Valetine's Day be :>
I like it in a way~ i just had the idea as all went wring on my so loved 14th februrary q,q"

blue flame churippu
...just a request of a guilmate :3....I like it somehow, although it looks a little too average :x

wtf?! do ya want ?! churippu
:x ..... as well part of a sprite edit. Idea was taken of a Valentine sprite xD and imo the look of him fits perfectly to his perm mood...ts > all -,-

to shy for roses... churippu of a becomming Valentine Edit :x .....q,q I would feel pitty for her

sooo cuuute <3
Dark Priestess churippu
:x simple colo edit. Imo black/white fits more to that Nun-linke dress than violett o_Ô...I would prefer these colours <,<

sin & sensibility churippu
not much done ~,~ but this one hmm I like how my Priest and the sinX are standing together. This was a request of my permshare :x. We killed amon and dracu that much that both musst on this sig because thy are really a part of the daily share xD

black soul~ churippu
Part of a signature I made :x. It's my exs Gypsy shown <_<. I hate him atm more than everything. But I love this gypsy&high ptiest pose and all in black +.+<3

Happy Brithday.......a little late xD churippu
^^; what to say. A congratulation-sprite for Nakis 20th BDay which I nearly forgot (thats why the Priest is thinking of that exploded Present)~~

Some how I liked it<3

Hehe this is really cute!
Honoka churippu
:x really simple made. Honoka from Pretty Cure made of a Biochemist sprite. Ich just wanted to try who far I can get with it. Nya still not really good >o< will go on with tryouts

top day churippu
<3 purple High Pristess, ich disliked the red High Priestess dress qQ red is making me agressiv... so my priestess shall stay violet :3 my opinion she is looking a little sag<3

Yeah nc, i know that it likes as if her Haed is pinned against the bg ._." ...the better version is still under construction...because it shal become my first self made Ava, atm i still using one, which was made for me<3

^^"sly archer churippu
-_- joa i should read read more ... rather than to torture sprites

Quissy churippu
...very rough.. i just cut hairs for training ^^". Maybe i find inspiration enough to make a full Quistis-edit

this one is nice
X) ich <3 das ^^ wanna hev it^^?
Marian churippu
oÔ first edited sprite... it's maid marian from the very old anime robin hood nd, i always liked her most, and hoped my priestess looked like her... :3 there is much left to learn xD

Wheee o_o dein erster edit *staun* <3 cute
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