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Gallery of blinddagger
Pai blinddagger
from the dot hack roots series
started with a dancer sprite
-added custom clothing
-custom hair ( its crappy)
and yah i like how it turned out sorta, comment me please

-dont use without my permission please :]

well i don´t think it is so bad o.o
blind tried to do many details..practice makes perfect^^

colours: it musnt be gravity colours...but u should try to not use such a ...saturation
without the head it would look like a comic^^

the red stripes are to can´t rly identify them

overall i think its nice but well.....practice :3
I think the dancer pose was a good choice. Even if its not similar to the pose at the picture :P
By the way, i don't think the hairstyle is that bad, it can be worse and better, perhaps :)
i didnt think it had to use gravity colors lol? andya the hair is horrendus
hair= zomg o.o (sorry)
no gravity colours=bad
together= sorry but this is really bad =(
Shino from dot hack roots blinddagger
i seriously put my heart and soul into this one but it didnt turn out at i had hoped, maybe ill re attempt it later
- started with a high priest sprite
-hate her pose, and legs
-love the colors tho, i know they arent exactly like the picks tho
-hat doesnt have any shadow at all and is ugly

comment please
-dont use without permission-

Maybe you just wanted to make something that is currently unavaliable for you...
Don't push yourself too hard :D
Try to draw something easier first, not the favourite characters from dotHack.
haseo blinddagger
my sprite for haseo
i did this sprite based off of a knights pose
took about 2 hours, uses photoshop

-gloves are wierd
-gold looks too bright, and could use some shadow
-right leg looks crappy

comments welcome
-ask before you use it please-

gunslinger edit blinddagger
added- longer coat , changed the breast area and lengthened the shoulders, added wings, added sword on his back

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