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Gallery of aikoschmaiko
konata-chan goes RO. o. o; aikoschmaiko
argh, it was so hard for me to do that. the legs look weird and the hair was so hard for me to color..
i can barely understand any spriting guides or tutorials.. please help me to improve.. ;o ;''

2nd try aikoschmaiko
laaaaaaabu bunnies. *_*

Awww how cute.
I like the bunnies and I like how you put the angel wings on the shoulders. :O She looks like an angel.
LABULABU aikoschmaiko
this was my first try to sprite. ; O ;
please help me, ahahaha.
i really don't know how to do it or which progs to use.


i think you will see what it is xD
hahah, yea. but still, thank you. ._.~
what's and where can i get it? *_*
it´s not so bad o: well....i think the arm is too long ;_;"
mh it´s cute :3

and can edit with paint or better programs.....i use paint and after that i make some effects with :3
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