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Gallery of Yuriko
Sailor Moon Yuriko
LOL. I don't like how this one turned out. I could be making a revised version. But I don't know. I'm kinda lazy nowadays. XD

I love the hair love the body everthing but mindstream is right you forgot a lot but stil good ^^
looks great but yea there r somethings missing

if ur gonna revise it
> the heart in the centre of the ribbon
> missing the white hair clips
> dress color - the lower blue dont need to be too different from the upper one
>one last thing the transparent lining on the dress the one on the shoulders

:) well if u don want to doesnt matter it looks great anyways
I think you need to practice a bit, but it's really good. ^.^
Haruhi Suzumiya Yuriko
One of my favorite anime girls made into an RO sprite. :)

D: I envy yoo
*Fan too of Suzumiya*
Gosh, it's really good !!
I wanted to make it too... too late...
Anyway, mine would be worse than yours...
Will you do the other members of SOS Dan ?
love it absolutely /kis
you did this one well. Ilove it
Creator + Amistr Yuriko
I like how this one turned out in the end. :)

Creator + Lif Yuriko
My first sprite submission. :3

I shortened the Lif's dress for the creator a little. I don't like how the creator's cape was recolored though. It looks like it 'blended' in through the hair. :(

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