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Gallery of Yanxie
Merry Christmas~ Yanxie
The minute I saw the Santa sprite sheets, I just had to use them. ^^

As you can see, I'm taking baby steps to custom spriting... so if these don't look unique to you, I'm sorry. ^_^;

Group Yanxie
Not really original, but just some base sprites to get the story moving along for my website, RO Diaries. :] The three main characters are (in order) Yanxie, Millin, and Gaabe. It sure does take a while to work on three characters at once, especially on RO. XD

Soon I'll also post separate sprites of each character with their pets (I just need to find a Bon Gun sprite sheet... ;_;).

Love~ Yanxie
I'm basically working on a site dedicated to my RO character, Yanxie. :3 It's going to be based on a series of journals, and eventually into the story, he falls in love with a Succubus.

I fell in love with a Succubus too xD...
I want to see more about his story <3
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