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Gallery of Yahari
Jester's King Yahari
Sprite for a signature for one of my friends.
Changed the hat a little bit, he was too small, the body in generel is combined from 3 different sprites and the ball has ne shadows ^^

SinX with Ice-swords Yahari
Took some fire-swords, which sprites I found in my sprite collection, changed the colour and made them to ice-swords. Gave both a friend's character in the hand and out came this ^.^

Assassin Bigsprite Yahari
My Sin Inimai with her hair changed.
I took the hair from a Kafra and headgear from another npc.
I really like the hair, the cap and the wings but the arm looks fat and the legs aren't okay too <,< but every change just looks worse than before xD
any ideas for some changes to make it better?

i love it *-*! the hair <3 great work :3
Heaven Denied Yahari
Well... umm... just a bit of playing with sprites, nothing serious but funny :3

Aww, that's cute ^^
Hairstyle à la mode Yahari
Because I have except the weekends no Internet, I have lots of time editing sprites, and sometimes, I develop something I REALLY like. This hairstyle in one of it.
Used it for my new Assassin Sig, but like seeing it on a Gypsy's body, so I present it this way.

That looks really cute <3
aww i wish i could do hairstyles ):
Priestess Big Sprite Yahari
A priestess from my guild, made her as big spite just to try it ^^

I don't really like her left side but dind't find an acceptable way to change it.

Du, zu dem Zeitpunkt gab es Sak noch nicht bei uns...
Aber dass du nicht mehr daran erinnerst, ist schon die Höhe *entrüstet schau*
deadman no mako
ich oder sak? xDDD
The perspective is fine, I don't mind priestesses from behind at all... :D~

Awesome edit, I can tell you put a lot of work into it. :)
Thanks for all your nice comments ^^

Was my second big Sprite, so perhaps some will come in future (already has next project xD)

From back is, because I like this position of priestesses ^^ next will be in front ^^
Wow, this bigsprite is really good! O_o
I love this colors... Well, it's a pity that ine can only see her back. TT____TT

But it's great work. *-* I'd like to see more bigsprites from you~! ^0^
great work ^_^
I especially like the hair, well-done!
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