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Gallery of ViolaNox
Assasin being... assasin-y ViolaNox
The assasin cross sprite from AssasinX vs Gyspy Icon. :3

AssasinX vs Gyspy Icon ViolaNox
I was talking with a friend and she had mentioned that she wanted an icon with an assasin being... assasin-y. Soo... I attempted to give it to her. I personally like the assasin (hey, look. I've joined the ranks of the other sprite editors by having a bloody sword!). All three versions of the icon are horrid in my opinion but it was a good idea in the beginning...

Curse Icon, Version 2 ViolaNox
The first version seemed to plain, so I tweaked it a bit. The goal was add a litle more emotion to the icon. Maybe I managed it?

Curse Icon, Version 1 ViolaNox
I just liked the edit and tried my hand at making icons.

Version 1~

Homunculus Family ViolaNox
Yuushiko's family. The homunculus are just adorable as "babies" so instead making sprites, editing a npc, or anything else I just used homunculus sprites for Yuushiko's family. Besides, family is what you make of it.

If you look closely you'll see that Lif is holding a flower. <3

Aww, Thats so sweet! I Love the little emotes^^!
Mesu no Kitsune's Family ViolaNox
Just edited the colours of her colours to match her adoptive parents. Why don't the normal assasin cross look like the npc ones? ;o;

Prayer-Rosary ViolaNox
The sprite for Yuki on the Prayer image. I redid the rosary about 10 times attempting to get it to look right. D: I first tryed to use the rosary from the game itself but it much too BIG and when I made it smaller it just looked funky.

Mikoto ViolaNox
Mikoto's sprite. The orginal sprites belong to their respected owners.

can you give to me the adress for the dress plz ^^
this is so pretty, the hair, the dress.. lovely!
Prayer ViolaNox
Yuki's family, the first part. From the left, her mother (Mikoto, a sprite I found on and the head I found on here, not mine, I only edited them.), Kage (sister) and Chaos D (husband). Yes, her family's all dead. Making them ghosts was just too fun to pass up.

I like it =) so sad ._.
Curse ViolaNox
Had found body on here (from MiYeon) and just changed the colour. Look at what's she holding, it's her mother's hairpin. I had made little edits for each of my iRO characters, well for them and their families. This was just a second part of my priest Yukikureru. (Or Yuki for short)

erm.. you should at least tell me on ur comment over my gallery if u gonna take my sprite and edit it =x
Cute-blush ViolaNox
As the title goes~

oooh, that should really be an emote! ^^
Fight !! ViolaNox
I hope it's not just me who think that the TK class look like the type to fight against other and you know people would bet on 'em. <3 I tried to make it like a a screenshot but uh... I failed.

haha cute ^^;, wish I knew what side to pick <3
Comodo Dancing ViolaNox
Not much of an edit, but doesn't Comodo need more dancers and bardes?

Are Ya Cold? (Background) ViolaNox
I put a background on this one to make sure it doesn't look funky.

Useful tip : While getting backgrounds, the best class to use is an assasin with cloak. Press print screen and put into your editing program. And thus a nice quality background. :3

Are Ya Cold? (No background) ViolaNox
Was playing around with mage skills, I think it looks nice. :3

Omg where did you find the ice effect?O;
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