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Gallery of Vallynne Blackburn
Say you love me,, Vallynne Blackburn
Nothin.. we broke up.. /sigh

Fly me away ~ Vallynne Blackburn
One of my siggies, I just love sky-blue color xD ~

Vallynne Blackburn
Thanks, that font is Beyond Wonderland

And yeah, I'm Mary Jane of Ragnafilia xD ~
So u've noticed my sig? Who're u? xD ~
I love the font <33..Are u Mary Jane of Ragnafilia?
Yagami Raito Vallynne Blackburn
This' my Yagami Raito, from Death Note..

Haha, I like him, though he's the villain XP ~


That is great
<3 Death Note
Light(Raito) is the best fo more Violence in the world!!!!
Good Job with this Light
The cloth is great ^^
umm...can I use it, please =o? I Need a Yagami Raito npc for the Death Note weapon.

Ja Ne!
Vallynne Blackburn
Haha, do u think so? Actually, I'm only deleting some pixels of the hair, I think I'll fix it later then.. and I don't think he has a spiky hair.. --a

Anyway, thanks for ur comment ^^
Hum ~!
I like death note too!

Nice job with that... but I think spikier hair and smaller eys would be good.


He has the note...
Chii..?? Vallynne Blackburn
I edited this picture while I was watching the TV, that's why her downer hair didn't look so good.. T___T

How do u think?

it looks awsome!!!
I think it's cute ^^
Close To You Vallynne Blackburn
Hehe, I tried to combine Hi Priest's died feet and sitting body n I've got it! I also made my husband's hands hugging her.. How do u think? ^^

Don't Leave Me.. Vallynne Blackburn
My high priest n her husband.. Oh no.. T___T

Shoppaholic! Vallynne Blackburn
Mmm.. I don't have to explain, I thing ^^'

That High Priest is mine, Mary Jane.. And that Sniper is my 'slave', hehehe.. XD

Lol!! Poor sniper T^T i pity you!!
hahaha priest love to shop
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