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Gallery of Ulkiey
my little soilders Ulkiey
a little guy i made and i love the yoyo :)

Alright! Bout time they put them on, eh? Still waiting for mine though... Wish I could have been the first to comment but o well, c ya at school.
Miakoda looks like he's getting ready to play a game. cute!
first edit Ulkiey
this was my first try at making a guy

Woo! I get to be the first comment this one! Where is goes from the shirt o the pants needs a bit of work but still better then my first try :P
Winged guy Ulkiey
just some guy i made

He looks tall xD but i like it ^^ well I think the sword is not rly the best,another one would looks better :3
sry for my bad english xD
I really like this one, and im not just saying that because ur one of best friends... no really i mean it
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