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Gallery of Tipsy
Shrii Tipsy
Probably one of my favorite edits. I've been slowly getting back into gaiaonline and decided to make a RO version of my gaia avatar. Was really fun to do, and I plan to do a few more that are animated.

Maybe I'll do a set to replace my creator sprite xD.

Cute <3
I played GaiaOnline, too. But it was too boring. xD
Maybe I play next time again. ^.^'
aw!! what cute ^^
Arrrgh~ Tipsy
Just a random sprite of one of my characters. Kind of hard to see on the background, but there are little fireflies around her.

Cute :D
Rivayne Tipsy
Done for a very good friend of mine. It's a RO version of her avatar on menewsha. Kinda cute D=.

That looks cool. +_+
Tipsy Tipsy
Was kinda bored, and decided to screw around in PS. This is my creator Tipsy.

Edit: The writing on the banner is nothing but scribbles. I'm pretending...they're runes xD.

Wow, looks really cool *-*
I Love their hair and the scrolls so well done xD
NicEvean Tipsy
Slightly bored, and decided to screw around. I think this is my bst sprite edit yet =X.

Eless Tipsy
I was bored and decided to try and make a cosplay of a charchter of mine using a stalker sprite - and random npc things.

I think I was watching too much Batman. She reminds me of Poison Ivy xD...

Projects Tipsy
Some completed sprites I've done, and an in the process one (Moggle hat, which will have a animated bouncing antennae when you walk =X. Also still spriting the views so it looks foogly xD.).

Love the color of the cart *_* and the drooping cat makes it so adorable.
And the morning star /lv
oooh, I love the last one, it's so cute =D
I love the moogle hat =3 so cute... =3
Can u send me the sprite if u'r done???
Thank you ^_^
love it all,

you > me
The Moogle hat is just too precious! and the feather headband is very cute as well! I like your idea with cart modification...might have to steal that concept from you. /gg make my own altered carts >:3
<3 the moogle hat *__*
=^_^= <3! Thankyou<3.
Waaaaaaah, love it :__: <3

Deliverance Avatar Tipsy
=O Run in fear, my first entry. Be gentle plx. I'm a n00b to this ;-;. *Hides behind a bush and offers cookies as a peace offering.*

A quick avatar I made of my creator "Tipsy" on Deliverance RO. The cart next to her and the headband she is wearing are custom sprites I made for in game. I'll upload clear pics of them in a bit.

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