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Gallery of Tiara
Connected Tiara
Ouh something new... didn't do so much edits in the last time.
This one shows my huntress Nayu and her husband Kre' Tak.

cute cute ^^
Awwwh, cute <; I like the gesture
Leave me alone Tiara
Finally done x.x I started to do it like... a hundred times and always gave up...
The title refers to a song I often hear on the radio.

Apple Tea
you don't mean the song "leave me alone" by dover hm?
i can't imagine because dover is unfortunatly not quite popular.

i like it anyway, its worth to be added to my favourites just because it reminded me of that song.
Strip-Rogue *-* Tiara
Uhm... don't really know what to say about it. I had the idea a few days ago but never found the time and motivation to do it.
Now that it is done, I'm really happy ^-^

(Btw, her name is Kahina and she is (pretends to be) a Steal-Rogue.)

Good Sprite works.
make more.
You broke my Dreams q.q
But good sprite^^
extremely great :3
though i dont believe that ;)
I love, love, love it!
xD Great, just like the Rest of her Sprites :p
wah XD nice sprite ^^
Once more... with feeling! Tiara
There's a biiiig gap in my head. It's where the inspiration is supposed to be ~_~
Well, this is just to show that I'm still alive ._.

Great Edit, I realy like it, do more of this rogue please =D
very very nice .... .____.
i love singing i'm in a band,too.
i like the rogue ._.'
xD~ Tiara
I-I-I can explain!
I was screaming things like "B> Bed!" in our IRC-Channel (to make a Sig with it and my newest edits) and ebil Webfighter (Yeah, it's all your fault >D) supposed to take mc_kugelfang's. Of course I won't take this as a sig but I love it xD

Subtitle is: "Tiara enjoying and Kahina waiting for HER part"

Well: background, bed and Wiz is copyright by mc_kugelfang. The girls are sponsored by me ;)
Ebil idea by Webfighter *poke*

sob..couldnt you could at least edit eros hand to have him put it..on huh..some more "interesting" place? :3
lookie but no touchie makes lil ero cry ;)
the dancers BACK of course! what did you think?!? :3

[edit] just noticed..the point of view of ero is somehow fixed on the dancers rack.....veeeery nawwwthy :3
Aw, ROFL! ;___;
I LOVE this!! XDDD
I did nothin' q.q
Except this
L O L <3
Sitting Rogue Tiara
Because I wanted to do a new sig with my dancer lying on the ground I made this pic of my rogue because she kinda is my 2ndchar so she belongs there, too ^^;

Hey it's really great^^
y.a.d.s. ... Tiara
... = yet another dancer sprite ^^"
(Before you ask, yes, I really like my dancer)

I had the idea in school today. I think I'm going to make a sig with it. While making it I realized something very interesting: Spriteediting sometimes requires so much concentration that you forget your headache O_O
It worked, I'm healed o/ praise the day~

You're right... she really is a bit thin ^^;
But err... she's lying on the ground so it's all a bit uhm... pressed together (baaaaad English).
I'll look if I can make it look more realistic :) Thanks for the comments.
agreed with feru, (luckily someone else already mentioned it, especially a girl, so im not the "perverted" one :3 )
her rear is a bit thin, and..mhh *tries to look innocent* i wouldnt mind if her arm would be moved more to the left..somehow..

on the other hand...
hey, jimi, watch! a diversion!
*fetches a bottle of massage oil* ;P (adds to favs)
Yes, sprite editing really is a wonder.. <3

I like it! ^_^
It's an awesome idea. But I think she's a bit too thin.. B/
Lemme rub your back. /gg
Elv Tiara
Yes, it's an elv ^^;
I wanted to do something in green but this brown just caught my eye. It may look a bit monotoneous.

Reminds me on Lineage II
I think it really fits and it's lovely ;>
Sweet ^.^
Stop killing Seals ;_; Tiara
“Stop killing innocent animals for their fur!
Their smooth, fluffy fur... so warm and glamourous... err-- gotta go!”

I read about the new hairstyles on Sakray and remembered the wonderful hair the female whitesmith had on the first images of the advanced classes. Oh, I want that hair ingame <3
The idea for that “Stop killing Seals for their fur!” came when I searched for a nice pose. Well... yes, that’s it ^^;

Awwwh, <3 the emo and <3 the hairstyle, OMG how sexy!
Nice edit /no1
I will never kill Seals anymore for their fur...
...but for exp xD
Thank you, I uploadet the emo some seconds ago :)
The hair is not edited but the face~
omg its so cute Expecialy the emo XD And the hair looks great as well, its edited, rite? o.o
Upload the emo for the contest please XD *vote*
Wanted Tiara
--- Wanted ---
File name: petite Diablo
-- Dead or 99 --

LOL <3
Myself oô Tiara
Well... this is supposed to look like me ^^;
I think the color of the hair is quite realistic, it's a mix of light brown and blonde.
*looks at the sprite* *then looks at herself*
I fact, this sprite looks better than me xD

Aw~ cute :D
*catch* ^0^
Looks very nice^^
I wanna see that /ok
Dark Love
ooo your cute! i wants to make one of me now :D
Looks like you /ok
Wiz without cape Tiara
I had this idea in school today and almost forgot it ^^; Dunno if someone made something similar before (don't hope so).
I really like the pose but I couldn't find some fitting BG... it looks like he's surfing or err... walking on a rope o.o"

Dark Love
oohh hes sexy rawr~
I didn't know that Wizards can be so sexy... *-*
Meet your evil twin~ Tiara
hehe I stole Chungs's headgear and found out it looks good on Succubus' head.
It's not sooo~ easy to see but the left girl has "normal" eyes while the right one has red. (Supposed to identify her as an evil one ;))

Dancer as Succubus Tiara
I used this as an Avatar some time.
*wants those horns*

Red dress Tiara
I like it *-*

naku ang sexy!!!ooppss sry u cant understand it. what i mean is
WOW it's so sexy!!
Oppps, sorry >< The dress is also very sexy, but the hair came into my eyes first x_X Still a nice edit :)
whoah it looks like ...hrhr
Its realy sexy /cool
i want that sprite ingame
Too bad ;_; The hair is nearly the only thing I didn't make myself.
I love the hair
Gut gemacht, sieht irgentwie cool aus
My angelic dancer Tiara
This is my Dancer *Tiara* with an angel's dress. It took some time to decide about how she should look but I guess I like how it came out ^-^


(Please excuse my bad English q.q)

I love her outfit. <3 white goes very nicely with this.
Wooow.. ;_;
I love her wings! *-* And how she is standing there... ^__^ <3
Cute! ;-;
Haste toll gemacht /ok
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