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Gallery of ThadJile
Java's birthday ThadJile
I made this one for the birthday of a friend who just adores hats.

Translation :
"Can I have your hats too ? *_*"
"Happy birthday !"

Le sud ThadJile
A small summer scene, which was quite easy to create.
Approximate translation : (From an old french song sung by Nino Ferrer) "It looks like Soooooouth..."

To make this one I :
- Rearranged the dancer sprite,
- Put a guitar in the Lord Knight's hands,
- Created some bottle of beer,
- Smiled with the mobs.

so sexy
He he... Crabs rock ! They're apparently very fond of old french songs. /gg
Thx a lot for your comment ! /kis
Like all of your work this one is cool too. I like the Once upon a time... and the Puppy Seller and of course the rest of your pics. I have been playing RO for 3 years but this picture made me notice that the Crab mob has got a moustache!!!! xD
Neo, Maeg, and a hand. ThadJile
This is an av' made for my preferred Lord Knight.
And yes, the girl is my dancer.
And yes, he's trying to... use a skill upon her.


Translation : * one - at least - hand quicken *

Karl or not ? ThadJile
These are two signatures I successively made.
The first one shows my dancer in love with Karl Paquette (the blond character), who is a principal in the Paris Opera Ballet.
Behind, a Lord Knight (<3) and a High Wiz' are a bit jealous. We all three are in the same guild, and this scene defers a joke we made about ballet dancers.
Still... after some adventures (!), I had to change my sig. And, yes, the poor Karl died. T_T
(But that was not that sad, in fact. :p)

So, to make these siggies, I used :
- The indian NPC of Comodo,
- Some fresh blood,
- A qLunatic named Ratatouille (or was it Rataclette ? Or Ratatarte ? I can't remember),
- And the icon made by Tiara for this site's Forum Emoticon Contest. I hope she will forgive me, but this spritework was just so cute. ^-^''

And, as usual, sorry for the awful english. /swt

I like the Emoticon
Once upon a time... ThadJile
My dancer, reading fairytales, sitting on a bench near Prontera...
I just used the hand of the dark priest, and customized the legs of the girl.
"Il était une fois" means "Once upon a time". ^^

oooh, the legs are so perfect O_O, nice pic! ^^
Really Cute :3
Wedding invitation ThadJile
Made for a friend. =)

Hum, decidement j'empreinte les sprites de tout le monde. x3
Me laisserai tu prendre cet image et modifier le texte pour quelquonque mariages? x3

PS: J'adore tout tes sprites <3
;) C'est toujours émouvant les mariages, surtout quand après ils deviennt réels ! xD
Sa me rappelle quand je me suis marié avec ma chiwie IG ( qui est ma Chiwie IRL maintenant ;p )

snif.. *emotion* .... =,3
Puppy seller ThadJile
A small scenery... ^^
"Poupées et peluches" means "Dolls and cuddly toys".

very nice pic too ^^
great work :)
Thank you for these encouragements, Zeio & Miakoda ! /kis
Arcanan : mici toi. ^^
that puppy is really cute!
Owi des peluchesss ! *o*
s'trop Kawaiiiiiiii X3 !!!

encore !!! °w°
I really like this pic. It 's so harmonic.
Keep up the good work:)
Xmas ballet dancer ThadJile
I was very disappointed to see that ro dancers were looking like oriental dancer, and not ballet dancer. So I :

- Edited the dancer sprite
- Created a bun
- Dressed her with a tutu
- Used Chepet's feet
- Gave her toe shoes !

She now can dance Swan Lake or Nutcraker for Christmas. =)

Nice work you got there ^^
The Cursed Hand ThadJile
I have a dog called Ratapoil, white and cute. But sometimes, after a walk, he doesn't smell very good... This is a kind of homage I wanted to pay to him.
There is also a private joke with the "old women", because when we're tired of Ratapoil's sillyness, my father use to say the dog would be better with an old women as master... Hum. ô_O

I'm french [this is why my english is not perfect, I'm really sorry] - and the translation is :

Gurdil : We should gave the girls to an old women...
Volgrim : ... with Ratapoil.
Amaena : Nooo ! Not the cursed hand !

I'm the blue dancer, the other characters are close relatives of mine.

Au fait, pourrais tu me passer le secret des rectangles gris derriere les textes. x3 Ca a l'air super utile! Please, dit as que c'est fait avec Photoshop! >w<
Ah ok moi qui comprenais pas la "private joke" de la main maudite, il aura fallu que je vienne jusque içi pour en percer le secret^^

(sorry for the english reader but I'm too lasy to translate this ;)
Yeah un autre Français ... 8D
Masked Assassin ThadJile
Daggers or katars, I made both ; he's wearing the scarf of the Assassin Cross.

Completly Awesome...Compared to my crap
The Wizard who wanted to be a sheep ThadJile
First I gave him ears and horns, and then I put him in a green meadow. ^^

Lol it's very nice and funny

this is now one favorites of my
Thousand thanks, Miakoda ! ^_^
Very cute! this is now one of my favorites!

I love the grass in his mouth. :3
Amaena's avatar ThadJile
My sister's main character is a Cruzi... Big, metallic (even rusty ^^'), not girly at all !
I wanted to give her a different look, and that's the result.

wah :) thats sooo cute :) /no1
Winter av ThadJile
My blue dancer, dressed to face the snow...
Nothing really difficult in this, I admit it.

Blue dancer ThadJile
An av inspired by a fanfic...

Bard in clouds ThadJile
A part from a sig for a friend.
This bard is able to sit while playing...

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