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Gallery of Takeya
Holy Light Takeya
just an acol holy light ;p I have better sprite of holy light but i cant use it in gif :<

Battle Takeya
This picture shows an scraps of the edit ive done. Battle 5 persons party with an strange person. I must do something like that because the max with and lonht is 400 :< .

Please dont steal

I know that because i wanna upload here full edit but the limit is to 400 pixels :<
Very bloody. x]
Nice, but you can't really see what's going on. x_x
SSJ2 Hairs Takeya
An hairs of super saya-jin lvl 2 from anime Dragon ball xD

Me in Ragnarok ^_^ Takeya
I do a sprite like me in the ragnarok ^_^
The hair didn't look good i think ;o

Sorry for my English. Please don't use this, i don't let use this cause it's simply ME! ;p

Devil sender Takeya
Next of mi edit sprites ;p Really i didnt do anything here only add scraps of items, monsters... Priest is that class that its hard to edit... I know its very chaotic and it didnt look good. :<

When i first saw this picture i thought the demonhead does sick on the priest. xD
BattlePriest Takeya
Its my old edit i do it even before the eudemons... This is only scraps with the other classes

Demonic Paladin Takeya
My second sprite edit. The sprite is from paladin i only change his image to more demonic. Adds a horn and change left shoulder and left hand. Headgears are not changed.

If wanna use please ask me first or give credits.

Little chaotic to me, but its cool, i like it.
Eudemons Takeya
Well this is my first sprite edit so please no offense ;p
I think that the first one is better.

Please dont steal //If wanna use ask me ;3

Your English so very good, there's nothing wrong with it. :D Yeah, the legs look fine me thinks. xD
I wanna do something with the legs too but didnt know what.. :< I was trying to add a broken shakles but that loosk stupid... So i dont wanna add something what will destroy the "Demon" look of assassin
Sorry for my english ^_^
I like your idea, I think that looks like a better look then the normal one.

I couldn't put that worse myself. (:
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