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Gallery of SlvrWolf215
True SlvrWolf with pets. SlvrWolf215
Using my "True Hunter" sprite to use.

Complete with pets and Sniper hawk. Does anyone happen to have the sniper hawk sprite sheet? id like to work with it, but cant find it anywhere...

Wow, Thanx for that Link.

I didnt mean for the Zealotus to look scary, but to add that sexyness too it.
here you go: [url=]klick[/url]

btw: zealotus? scary? how can a half-nude gorgeous-looking darkelf with an pretty obvious affinity to bondage look scary? <3
The image looks a bit... full. But I really like the flames and the wings. The wolf an Zealotus fit very well, only the Falcon doesn't look scary enough ^^
Funky Monk~y SlvrWolf215
I made this for my friend Dale, to use as an icon on such things as forums, or what ever he pleases.

I dont know if anyone has acually seen this, but yes! you can do this IN the game. Its the best thing ever! funny every time. If your gonna attempt to do it, i suggest getting a bard and playing impressive Rifft. trust me.

hmm... is the monk dancing? or whatever it is... but for me... this movement sure is good for dancing...
LOL I wanna see this in game.
My husband's a monk, better get him practising :3
After a Hard days Work SlvrWolf215
This is one of my friends from iRO.


After leveling as her LordKnight, she needs to relax...

Nothing like a beach front to make the day complete huh?

-I used the sprite of this one NPC that will be out when this new place comes... Einbroch

Lady Serenity
i can see the npchairs xD
i like the purplehairstyle xD
wow! cool, huh?!!! /no1
Angelic Li SlvrWolf215
This is one of my many friends in RO.

peaceful.. isnt it?

ah~~~~~~~~~ what a nice place it is.....
True SlvrWolf SlvrWolf215
A little mix of a few, VERY OLD, rumored to be new classes.

This is my Hunter, in a hyped up TRUE form .


Where does the botton and left hand parts come from?
This one is...he is...
...pretty cool!
Woahah o.o I love that Picture Hihi^^ Oo hm does that Guy became a new Job Class XD?
Thanx! =D
O, this one is really sexy =O I like the trousers most
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