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Gallery of Silk
Nefertiti in action ! Silk
Well... I was bored... So I did this for a friend of mine.
Nefertiti is the name of her GM. And sometimes, players do not respect GMs. So, to make it clear, she gets a bit upset and remind them.

Card Illustration Silk
Well I made this illustration for a custom card on my Pserv.
Pause Café is my (dying) Pserv's Name.
If the pic is too large and not shown, here is the link for the image.
The card gives the skill Push Cart Lv 1 and Vending Lv 5. This way, everyone can do a store. It's pretty fun to think of a Stalker making a black market in a corner of Morroc.

Le premier au masculin :)
t'es francaise?ou quebecoise?
New Joker Silk
Well, my apologies to the moderators because the first time I tried to upload, I didn't see the message about the waiting time so I uploaded it twice. And after that I realized that my .gif wasn't the good one, sorry again.

So... here is my new Joker. I had the idea after hearing about a new Batman movie with a new Joker.

First sprite edit, all comments are welcome =D !

It's nice for a first try deary ! Keep it up~ :D
@Tomby : free for use.
@Zeio : yes... it is... x_x
Nice nice. The liberated Joker girl is a little wierd. x_x Nevermind its good for a first try.
(I wanted to post some news about a new-coming movie to get you some inspiration, but i can't help it... maybe others can)
Well.well, for a first picture, it's great !

Can i will use this sprite for my creations =o ?
lol <D /heh
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