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Gallery of ShaggySmith
Rusty Dimik ShaggySmith
Preparing for mechanic future...
But Shaggy usually crash things, then repair X)

Dimik shooting, but furry hug it! ShaggySmith
Now i maked anthro wolf head for my charter =)

Shaggy the Goat Rider 2 ShaggySmith
Shaggy in furry-form on a wild Goat

Sigh for someone forum. ShaggySmith

We have own methods against crocodiles in canalization.

Hate! ShaggySmith
I'm very hating artspamers!
They not make something good or cool and hide in update line interesting things >:[

I really would love to wish a new layout for this website,
'cause if I upload something it lasts FOREVER until the admin agreed the uploads and then 50 uploads are agreed and just 10 of them will be shown.

We all want comments to learn from others and make something better. And no one shows "Oh, has (insert name) uploaded a new pic? I have to look on her gallery!!!!!!" even if it's not shown above...
p y n z
i tottally agree with you...
Accidental double posting.
Doing this type of action, ShaggySmith, should not be tolerated. Who cares if someone uploaded a lot of pictures at once? Just get on with life. Sometimes their art are good too. =]
I've seen Mochi's art, and she/he is pretty good. Besides, no crime against people who do that...
We understand that some of the new great pictures are hidden by that many art that is uploaded by one person but that is no reason to upload stuff like that.Contact one of the mods or post in the forums,ask if there are any possibilities to change the lay out or to add something like a 'see more button' like just milk already said.There already is a thread where we're trying to realize this..

And the fact that you see art flooding on other sites does not change a thing.No Apologize for your behavior.
2 pinkmilk
When i was been newbie, i wasn't uploaded 2+ picture. Not in this place, not in another not big art-gallery.

2 mochi
It is disrespect to other artist, who upload 1-2 picture for one time and as want to be seen. Especially, if you see, what gallery haven't personal "whatch list" or "See more"

2 Nero
I glad, that you understand correctly me =)

2 Waves
Sheself is guilty. Her action was provoke for me, as she isn't first, who fast hide more interesting things (or my own art. I meet this often enough, what this to hate. Not only in this gallery)
PS: See answer for mochi.

2 Nishie
To me artspam=artflood. (in my native language have more unequivocal name to this action) Good art does not happen much, with rare exception.,
Well, being focused on Mochi or not... he was rude on his colocation...
Well said,Nish.

Now I get the point that he tried to explain.

But the description would still let some of the people feel attacked.Just like mochi and the ones who tried to defend her [ including me ]. I don't think that I overreacted but focused too much on the name mochi. (I apologize.)

Which shows that you should be more careful when uploading things like that,especially when names can be seen.Or do not upload stuff like this at all.People could easily be mistaken and take this as offence.
Still..there aren't really any art spammers on this website. You know how we all want our pictures to be shown and then it's all just uploaded at once and the website layout is awkward. So really this picture/topic shouldn't have been made on this website since there is nothing you can do about it.

But I do agree. I do hate art spammers (if they intended it) on other websites. :P

And besides, if the person didn't mean to art spam and their pictures aren't that great you shouldn't say it xD Because they're trying and I know what it feels like to have crappy pictures and to want to be as good as everyone else.
Unless they purposely uploaded crappy pictures to annoy everyone and they knew it. But I don't see why, that's a waste of time and very sad.

And you can't blame Mochi for feeling attacked :P Because it is still focused on ALL art spammers and if he thought Mochi was an art spammer then really he would be attacking Mochi as well as all other art spammers. But I do understand that you mean it wasn't focused just on Mochi.
Also the fact that Mochi is in the screenie lol but I agree, that could have been anyone else.
He's just saying that he hates it when people spam pictures.

I can understand that some of you may feel attacked, but he just made a screen of THIS moment.

If he would have made this Screenshot later/earlier there would have been other people.

Well, I don't think it was exactly focused on you..
The hell she is an art spammer.No offence but to me this is a prove that you have no clue how 'art spamming' is definated,this is definately not art spamming. Just check people's galleries first before insulting them reasonless,'cause this is something that pisses people on this site off.I agree with them.

PS: Your work is gorgeous,mochi. <3
Can u tell me if there is a law against posting multiple pics at once? and NO, im not a random spammer, just check my gallery o/
Sry double.
She's new at ROsprites. Be comprehensive.
It's website fault that don't have "See More" botton, don't blame anyone for updating lot's of work ('cause we never know when it will be updated too).

Btw, Mochi does great at sprite editing... It's nice to have artists like her here.

"They not make something good or cool and hide in update line interesting things >:["

And about this... gross...
Everybody has limitations... What's pretty easy to me can't be for you. But that's doesn't means "you" can't show your work.
Duel - whitesmith Vs. ninja ShaggySmith
Training battle between racoon-tanuki and werewolf, when both in human form.

It is a first test at RBA and I'm satisfied result. But I want make my animations more hard, interesting and cool, as
Not too long for a battle animation but made with care. You really are good at this.
Even though its not something that is so uber awesome, i can't see any mistake in it. */no1
Shaggy, you decided to make a more complicated animation and you performed over the demandings. :)
But i'm curious, do you satisfied with it?
Training Battle ShaggySmith
Preview to my new animation... Battle animation =)

Promising :)
Shaggy the Goat Rider ShaggySmith
Many people like is ride at gryphon or dragon from Abyss. But who like ride at wild goat? =) Only to crazy, like me XD

Only cheetahs not make Tuntz tuntz own head, when it run-)

Come on
I follow:
Move your head
Tuntz tuntz
How low, up
Tuntz tuntz
Poke your head Tuntz Tuntz 8D
Lol xD Crazy but awesome!
Morf into raccoon ShaggySmith
Evil forest wizard make my brother into raccoon...

I love that one..It's so cute. <3
Cute! *fav*
Aww, that is cute x3
aww agree with aerandil qq
So cute! I love it. *fav*
Break Arfa ShaggySmith
Characters: Orpheus the bard, Ashram the sage, Shaggy the smith ^_^

It is based on real events =D
Orphy is poor fellow, he long after swore =)

quite a fast animation but funny
and Orpheus what a nice name =)
Thanks, that you said it.
But it is difficult to do speed of animation, knowing that on Internet it is displayed more quickly, than I set in editor.

... Grrm, i can't update image X_x
Little edit version:
Great animation. ^^ The last images are too fast though, I cannot see what's happening there.
About Greed ^_^ ShaggySmith
At once in Bilian's cave...

Greed this second happiness

Haha nice, and great GIF, I wish I was good as most people on here, sadly...I just need to stop being Lazy and buy Photoshop CS Lol.
*greed* x3
nice way to get a Marc card :3
That's a very nice idea.
I love the movement in everything!
haha xD i love it
Awwww poor WS xD
Smith&Alchim ShaggySmith
My charters

Werewolf walk at midnight ShaggySmith
It occurs each full moon...

i see im not the only one with a character/monster transformation :3
woha o.o i like it
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