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Gallery of Seinaru
Seinaru guild XP Seinaru
I created a guild just for the hell of it few years back. I didnt really get into woe yet, just wanted something for me and my friends. The shine from the magnus is actually a bunch of "fs" spamed with wind effect. I'm the knight, matt is the monk, and agito is the priest.

I really hate the 400 pixel limit T_T

Gunslinger vs Ninja Seinaru
This is my gunslinger Weapon Keeper vs. Hakuu, my friend's ninja, we duel alot to test out our new stratagies. So far its been 3 to 6 in his favor T_T

wow that was a lot of work as I see
Have you heard of Desperado and Full Buster? XP
Ninja wins.
Outstanding. - Khan said. :)
First Character and spirte Seinaru
As the title says, this is my first character and sprite picture. I've improvied alot since the XD

At least I hope I did o_o

Seinaru and Koemiko Seinaru
I made this for my fiance in ro about a few years ago. On the day she were suppost to get married, we disappeard, never saw her again T_T

Oh well, at least i have this nice picture to remember her by

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