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Gallery of RoFu
The Dark gypsy RoFu
My newest Sprite Edit.
Ok its easy to edit something like the wings.
But the left Ear ist make by myself both ears are Zealotus Ears.
And the circle is from dark ilusion.
The Mouth cloth(sry Google translate ;-) ) is from shinobi and looks a little bit different, but i am happy whit this.

I first didn't know what she has on her mouth, and now.. Well, I think it doesn't work this much. ^^;;
But I like the rest of the edit. ^^ The idea with Zea's ears is good! :o
New Hairstyle priest RoFu
I make a sprite from a female Priest whit a new kRO Sakkray Hairstyle i think it was kRO Sakkray.

Not a sensation, but a little work, because i must place the Headgears new on the new hairstyle.

Ok thats i dont now
Theres already a character simulator with it :>
new Female Sage RoFu
A female Sage whit new Dress.
Its a simple sprite edit

I like her! *-*
Even more sexy than the original one! ;D
Phases of Gender Change Animation RoFu
So my second picuture.
The tiara is cursed *gg*, and so the male priest becomes a Female priest.
Thanks a friend for the idea
Könnt auch auf deutsch reinschreiben^^

Das hackt noch sehr...... :/
Ich würde versuchen, Farbübergänge zu finden. Wenn du das animiert machen möchtest, würde ich dir auch noch raten, ein wenig daran zu arbeiten, dass man zB sieht, wie das Tiara auf den Kopf kommt/etc~ ^^

Aber die Idee ist echt gut, und fürs Erste auch schon mal gut umgesetzt. =)
Like a Gender Change RoFu
One Step of the Proces to gender-Change a male-Hunter to a Female Hunter.
my first try to sprite edit.

Owh, I like the breasts o.o
Its not so easy for a beginner, first i must learn to make animated pics, than i can try it.
Nice idea, maybe try to animate it? :D
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