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Gallery of Ringo
Neko High Priestess Ringo
Ok, here goes
It took me like 3-4 hours to complete
It's my High Priestess
What do you think? Comments are appriciated! =)

Full Image here
Base by:

aw what a cute edit ^_^
Suki datou... Honto Ringo
I use this as a sig on EmperorRO froums
Please don't use it without my permission.

The Mokuwas Ringo
A sprite family I made =P
Enjoy ;3

The perverted priest Ringo
Even priests can be pervos xD

L Ringo
L from Death Note, simply used a WS male sitting sprite.
Enjoy! ^_^
Please don't take without my permission

Woot! My first comment xD
Request anything you want ;3
Now that's crazy. /no1
Happy Valentines Ringo
The Valentines pic I made for my server ;P
It's Raito, Pooksy, me and Shini

Beloved Angel Ringo
I was at school, so I can't edit so much, they don't have very good programs ^^;
She is supposed to have died, become an angel, flying, glowing
Just two fictive chars, since I think SinX and HP is a nice combo ^^
Time: 40 min
Programs used: Paint and Adope Photoshop Elements
Please don't take without my permission

Sign Ringo
It turned out just like I wanted it to! ^^
It's me, sitting on the moon, with my fav monsters around me ^^;
Notice the Drooping Neko in my lap. So cute! <3
Oh, I used a Wild Rose Sprite to make my tail
Please don't take without my permission.

He nice...ä i make the tail ^^" my english is bad and i search for a Sprite like the Whikebain Cat Tail, but i doun't finde anything. Can you help me ^^"
Woah, sorry, I did'nt see your reply! =)
Yeah, we sure need Spriters <3
Add me on my msn which I will pm you
I really like the color of the priestess' dress.

and the injustice gives it +100 points for me.

Hmm...I kinda feel like joining your server because you're putting in your injustice pet. <3

hmm...any need for extra npc spriters? :P
High Priest Female Ringo
Ya.. I was bored and wanted to post something... Changed the haircolor and eyecolor. This is my main look for HP, which is my fav job.
Please don't take without permission

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