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Gallery of Rindesei
Mermaid 1 Rindesei
This is my first attempt at a Mermaid.
Ill make more since I love them so much <3
Base by Sunnehtehbunney at:

Dance_ Rindesei
I just sorta came up with it in my head.
It took me quite a while to do suprisingly.

Headgears are edited slightly
Bodies and arms are edited.
I didnt want to edit the hair because the girls are me and my friend Val <3.
There is supposed to be a white outline around Dance_ but since I have problems saving in .gif and this website doesnt support .png I guess it will have to do. :)
I hope you like it.

Val Signature 2 Rindesei
This one was very fun to do, Im working on some sprite edits to upload later so don't worry. :D

:o i loooove it ^-^ nice work /no1
Steph Signature 1 Rindesei
Just alittle blurring done on the sohee and the background.
Not much of a sprite edit again but I figured I would post it.

Rin Signature 4 Rindesei
Not much of a sprite edit but this is a signature I made for myself for the faithro forums.

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