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Gallery of Rafael_D
A long time... Rafael_D

Hey guys!

I decided to return to this site, if you don't remember me, I am Rafael Duailibe.

This is Zero, from megaman zero's series.

Does someone have the ragnarok head's spritesheet? If yes, please post it.

Zidane(FF too xDDDDD) Rafael_D
Well, this is zidane(No, this is not a soccer player xD), its a character of FF9.
i was reading the topic "my ff9 request" and decided to make this ^^

note:dont use this and others of my sprites without my permission.

bem, esse é zidane(não, isso não é um jogador de futebol XD), ele é um personagem do FF9
eu estava lendo o topico "meu pedido de FF9" e decide fizer isto ^^

nota:não use esse e outros sprites meus sem minha permissão

I made that thread!!! thanks this rocks (i would have loved to see his tail but that ok) THis rocks thanks!!! (may i use this one in my avi?)
Cloud ff Rafael_D

Aew galera, comentem por favor

hey guys, comments plz.

LOL It looks like he's ready to hula dance
well I realy like it and i hve never seen him anywere around before and i play alot of ragnarok online and all that crap. i love this
Yeah, but it's the same that I saw. xD
But it's definitely coincidence or "telepathy". x) xD
Thanks for all comments


This sprite is mine, I started this last week and finished yesterday, if you saw another cloud strife edit in a ro server, its because cloud strife is a very popular character. ^^
I don't think that. <.<
It was years ago when I saw this on this server,
and I don't think that he just uploadet it here when he made this years ago... <.<
Than the mystery is solved: Raf created this custom npc for that private server. xD
Zeio, I saw it on a private Server as a NPC. xD
And that's years ago!
But I remember that it was this Cloud edit. ó.o
Stick to the RO colors plz!

I can see which npc sprite you modified. I think the body is... okay, but the hair is not. There are tons of cloud sprites on the web, may be would be better if you use a hairstyle from them.
I don't think this isn't your edit =)

@Dark post a link where you saw this sprite before you disparage someone. Its as much possible that you saw this sprite on Rafael's website as he is the God of all spriters^^

Hey dark give the guy some slack. Just because u seen it doesnt mean he made it gosh! He could have been a sprite editor b4 he came to this site.
I don't think you made this.
I've seen it before somewhere. <.<
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