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Gallery of Pox
He is saved. Pox
Poor Chaos priestess lost her boyfriend to the puppet who ate his soul. With a little devine help she has free'd him , "Its not quite the same" she says, "But it is nice having him back."

Skeleton Riot Pox
Sometimes you get in these tight spots.

I was watching a lot of zombie movies over halloween.

Winter Pox
Some sprites who enjoy the winter monthes as much I do.

Come to me ! Pox
A Consumed Knight , Looking to consume others.

Entourage of Legionaires. Pox
An Escort of Chaos Legionaires for the princess.

Summon Munak ! Pox
Three Munaks to fight to the bitter end !

Mars Aratania
I'm sorry for just doing it, but I needed the fire sprites for a special project; Thankyou very much!!!
oh for sure , to each his own. I always saw that head as the angry Sin Cross head , messy and such , but not worth caring about.

thx for input.
for me... the hair is kinda for some boys(sprites) especially novice or first job, but your sprite now is a man not boy.../sry
but it's up to you, everybody have their own taste, right?^^
whats that about the hair ?

Yeah , the mask with the crown , and the high wiz shoulders are a bit much for some people , but I loves it lots and lots. Its that whole , brotherhood of the wolf , auron from ffx type look , mysterious and kinda regal. Its a good character trait for him. Ive been practicing at doing the larger blown up images , perhaps onces its resized and a bit more clear you will enjoy. ^^

thx Jacki , I <3 the layouts and backgrounds to your cigs , well planed and unique.

to all , looking forward to posting more.
hmm... i'm just giving some comments... actually, the mask is kinda ugly dee..... and the hair is not suppose to be here.../sry 0o;;
your anis are very cool xD~

like that dark priest <3 very frightened °~°
Dirgah Pox
I like my priest.

hey this is wonderful :D
i need to talk to you about somthin though o.o mind if you message me?
HaHa , yeah. The guild is Chaos Legion , so I had to take that and run with it.

Bat is same number of frames as in game btw. Probably the moving animation , not the stationary.

edit: Yeah , its timed to the movement. o wells. :D
But the Bat animation is Grate O_O But a lil fast :<
wah! I'm scared of him xD
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