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Gallery of P9930014
Hope it looks like inuyasha P9930014
My second upload but i have not change the colour to how the actual Inuyasha look like. Will be doing an update soon i hope.

hehe, nice idea ^^
cool pic :3
This is a good start. I can tell how're going going along with it. : D

Hmm...constructive criticism.lets see..

First take off those feet and put feet that are bare. Next..Remove a bit of the mid section of the pant. change the outer coat to the same color as the pant. hmmm remove the part of the shirt that has the symbols on it. hmmm you can replace those catlike ears with the puppy ones. just exchange the one thats bent over a little bit with the perky one. umm make the hair infront of his face more poofy and thats all i can think of. : D

keep it up! i want to see more. :3
Can i do the color change please?
eeeeeeee.................... /e5
it don't looks like inuyasha
the head got a bit cacat, the body a bit thin and looks like girl... o.o
ok thank you guys for the suggestion. I will try to improve it so as to make it look better
Kugelfang, that skirt is called Hakama, like Kenshin has one :o And i think maybe the colors of the ears should be changed a bit o.o they look so pink o.o
hmm..yep..and inuyasha doesnt wear a just have to clear the middle part between the legs and smoothen the edges to make it look like these "wide trousers" they used to wear those days
but for summary it looks neat & nice..
a pity that there are to few male japanese sprites in stylish clothes to edit..
Last Wish
Just change the white part into red like the bottom. Other then that It looks exactly like it.
tuba you will need the following things. Sprite sheets MS Paint and Photoshop that's all i'm using now.

Flying lily thanks really happy to know that some one thinks it look like Inuyasha
how can you do pictures like this? can someone teach me please???
yes, looks like him, nice ^.^
My first Edit P9930014
I was looking ard the site and liked a lot of the work done by you guys so i did my own do comment.
It's my first edit hope u guys would comment.

I have to thank Han da for helping me make it transparent.

i like it :D
i edited the armor and a little of the hair i guess my first edit is not that good.Hmmz time to imporve.
Dark Love
hmm could i ask what you did with this pice?
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