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Gallery of Nuhasna
Heaven's Gate Nuhasna
Bit of a Welcome to Heaven from Valkyrie.

This was my second paid commision, where I got about 6mil worth of items in payment. So I tried to put in as much work to make up for it XD

-Red Ferus to make it look more like a 'bowing' position.
-Added Wings and Halo onto Ferus from Observation.
-Edited pose of High Priestess from numerous HP Sprites
-Added Wings, Rod and Green Headress from Valkyrie
-Clouds come from Taoist Hermit
-Most of the Gate pieces were taken from a Red Plasma and Icicle, which were then smoothed over. To give a more solid appearance
-Angeling Wings added to Gate as handles

Wow O.o!!
This is nice. I really like it^^
Good work. Favorite for me.
Dancing Gypsy Nuhasna
Same gypsy as before, this time with some streamers flying about

Whip it good Nuhasna
Just a simple gypsy edit with a whip

Whip comes from Zealotus
Tip of whip comes from Grand Peco

Lady Solace's Song Nuhasna
Was working on an edit, and ended up playing around with the Lady Solace sprite.

So instead of her riding it, shes now playing it =D

This is adorable, I love that little girl ^^
This is very beautiful! I love it.
High Priestess Shinigami Nuhasna
Made for -Blubba- at her request

Loli Nuri Nuhasna
Dug up my first forum avatar and made it a Big Sprite =D

I use to level my Assassin in Niffleheim alot and loved Loli Ruri, dreamt of reaching Assassin Cross. So the idea for this Avatar was born.
The sprite is my own edit, used the sitting position, but wanted the knees/legs to be lower.

Background was found in a google search I believe.

*Please don't use this image without permission*

Amistr Nuhasna
First try at big sprites..

(~ç .ç)~ Huggggss !!! ~~

I want some Amistr plushies (>o<)/, it's soft as the silk an cutieee 3 !!
It looks really nice ^^
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