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Gallery of Norichan
Strip ... !!! Norichan
Uhm...yeah, I'm still alive qq'
Just to lazy to upload...D:
My Dancer got stripped by my Rogue...and she looks pretty emberassed, doesn't she? ;p

Lol!! xD
Dark Ganxta Link
only xD
Highpriest Bigsprite Norichan
Just love Priests atm, so I made Priestess as Highpriest and as Bigsprite ^^

hihi nice :) how do you make it? did you pixelt it like this or... how?^^
*me2* i love it >__< reeeaally °-°

btw. reminds me.. looks like a playmobil figure ;_;''' dunno why xD
Hm...don't know how long it actually took to make this :x
I always worked on this when I didn't have anything to do for a few minutes, but I think all in all, it must have been something about 3 hours....I'll look at the clock when I do the next one ^^
omg is that a great bigsprite o_O
how long was it to do that spriteedit?ö_ö,

nice *add to favorites* X_X
awww Q___Q thats so cute!! really good work q_q
Mally and her Pet~ Norichan
Ehm...this is just a part of a signatur (with e in the end? signature? q.q) I'm trying to make for a friend of mine, but no ideas to finish it yet <<
I bet someone else had this idea before me, but...who cares, I made this one myself <<

a sweet picture. I like Lunatic as pet ^_^
yes, with the "e". ^^

its very cute~ =D
Meroko-chan Norichan
Just Meroko from Fullmoon wo Sagashite...just saw this hat and HAD to do it *-*

Hehe.. Hatte Meroko-chan fast schon vergessen. q,q'
Aber die habe ich sofort erkannt~! Superschönes Edit, das Bändchen am Zylinder ist toll ^0^
I don't know that character... but it looks... interesting. XD The headgear looks like when two characters stand on the same cell wearing different headgears. ^^
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