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Gallery of Nigiri
Snowman Cap... Nigiri
ok, again -.-'
i wanted to press the post button, but i pressed the delete button -.-

ok, and again the text xD:

i dont know if someone made this allready, but i think that cap is really cute and it's the ultimate headgear for cute Super Novices xD

That is awesome >:D
looks really cute ^___^
i want that cap,too.... o.o''
drink o.o" Nigiri
hm, i was bored at work...

yesh you are right, no effort because i was at work... maybe i'll try to make it again, when i'm at home ^_^

but you know what? i really have shorts like this ^^```
Apple Tea
the colours don't match, they are way too bright.
i don't think you put much effort in choosing colours, since you were at work, so its alright i guess.
Myself~ Nigiri
i tried to make a sprite of me.
i used several npcs and job classes to make it :P

thanks :3, but that hairstyle is almost the same like mine xD, ok only if i let it grow :P
Apple Tea
i never liked this hairstyle, i hope your own irl is different, you did a quite good job otherwise.
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