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Gallery of Neko
Sig Neko
Just a new signature for forums ...

i love how harry potter's aunt said "DON'T U DARE!!!" to uncle vernon in harry potter 3 ^.~
so i got the idea to make this sig, where my high priest try to eat my poor homunculus, cause it looks like pudding, dont it?
the cart is from one of my old sigs (zombie cart) and my little dancer is looting the panda (she is looting all stuff at stings too)

nyo ~neko

your from loki huh? i like your stuff :) stratos with the hode is really funny *chuckle*

best wishes
neko mimi
the best men~ Neko
shoes - whitesmith
jacket - scholar
trousers - biochemist
mantle - paladin
arms - clown
shoulders - whitesmith

rest - selfmade

only the best, males <3

rawr~ looks sexy! ^_^
gimmi your dress cutie~ Neko
Little pic Novi ~ Biochemist

they switched their clothes and i added a long mantle and 2 headband with a diamond

first sprite in a long time ^.~

Hihi lol Nice :3
cute, i like it :3
sl.Bard Neko
uhm, i uploaded this picture a week ago and there were many commands, but somehow the post got lost o.O maybe i klicked 'delete' by accident one day, realy dunno

here once again the sl.Bard
a sig for SL-Bard

hihi <3 :3

did you also made the +6boobs?xD~
Vit-Glaive Knight Neko
Here it a signature for our beloved knight
isent she cute?
she wanted to fight with tao rens (<--- shaman king) glaive

the picture she gave me:
it was my first time to try weapon sprites o.O please gimmi tips how to make weapons XD

OMG !! i will kill the one who uploaded the wrong picture Y.Y

i reuploaded it, now its deffenitly tao rens glaive linked ...............
This picture of a Glaive what you linked there... It's you andStratos not a Glaive xD
Nice Edit, I like it^^
do you need tips?
thats fantastic!
I dont know how that rens glaive looks, but that is definitly great!
Dancer Signature Neko
simple sig for a cute Dancer in my guild
<3 Bast

Windy Priest - animated Version Neko
bah, it took me hours to make the single pictures ~.~ remind me to never make such a huge animation again !!

thats hellla pimpass <3 love it.

props to you man
but it is GREAT O__O
although it cost a lot of time, it was worthwhile ^____^
this is one of the best anis I've ever seen <3
I wish I could create sth likt that too
but I'm too impatiently T_T
Wow, looks really good ^-^
woa very nice animation XD
~cute Rasselspass~ Neko
I realy love the look of the little cute Rasselspass (level 96 supernovize on loki), i want to catch him and hughughughug him <3

(PS.: GOGO for 99 ^^, your loyal fan neko)

the priestress are also cute ;3<3

hihi the boy's semm to be very angry and jealous ;o
is rassel 99 now?^^
1. How cute T_T
2. Wow, Lvl 96 with a Novi, this is quite impressive :)
3. I <3 the Panda

*can't write sentences that correspond to each other >_>*
Lol Rassel rocks XD
Hope he will be 99 soon, then even more girls will run after him ;p
Zombiecart Neko
here is the new zombiecart from all directions ^^" <3

Is there anyway to download it? :3
Wanna have a Zombie Cart XDD Shockt little Novice XDDD hrhr ebil
._. I don't want to have a zombiecart TT__TT
How to make a Zombiecart... Neko
well ... uhm ... i got this idea while i was reading guildchat, we just discussed about the uber cute panda cart and suddently someone asked sth. about a zombie card
baka neko read zombie carT and thats how this idea developed O.o

(please dont say that this is a ghoul and not a zombie -_- i know it myself, but ghoul is a way cuter ;P)


... ._. *huggles the panda* T_T poor little panda-chan ._.
</3 *kicks the ghoulhead*
LOL I love that <3
It's a Ghoul Not a Zombie ;p
Nice, Really Funny XD
<3 Ribbons Neko
uhm ... yeah ... i dont think that doppelganger would like my ribbon on the back >.<

but wild rose and the female with kimono are looking so cute with it, or not? O.o

I think so too ^_-

arw the hair.. ;-; <3
The girl is very cute, I love the hair.
XD haha how cute <3
Its realy .. SOB ;_; Neko
I dont know why they are so sad ;_;

ó_ò *huggles them*
Stratos way to 99 ... Neko
This small picture refers to a text that was written for Stratos 99 on (for the new Update)

Here is the small abstract of the text:

'The biggest problem in bringing Stratos (the bard) to 99 was: how can you make a pervert, like him, level without him running after every female Character he sees ? Big Problem indeed, but Neko, the Mistress of Evilness had an easy solution at hand.
As you can see (in the picture) the simple minded Hentai Bard easely reacts on any slightly pervert or sexuall attraction.
With this it was easy for her to bring even this dumb and pervert Creature, that some even rank lower then the thief bug in the food chain, into the top ranking.'

reminds me of my brother x_____X"""""""""
wahhhh thx ^^
the whole texts on the site are writen in this style gg, but dont get it wrong o.O its just ironic, i am not that evil ;_;
Oooohh /lv
This is so cool! I think I'll make a Novi on Loki to visit you xD
And the text is very nice ^-^
rofl xD
That's how we know Stratos :p
(Im from DT :p)
Funny edit and funny text ^^
Jazz Boner
lol xDD
I can't say more xD
great idea and nice edit /ok
Cat to Priest (gif ani) Neko
And here is the animation ^.^

wehhhhh i love this dark blue haircolor *vote this color ingame*

*vote* T_T
I think there should be more haircolours ingame T_T

start with this :3~
great ^-^

(I think the black hair ingame is more a darkbrown hair <<)
it's the best
Wow really nice :D
One of the best Sprites i eaver seen. Realy Great
wahhhhh /swt, i knew that i should not read Harry Potter 4 when i edit sprites >.<

ehm sure u can save it ^^
i want to make the whole sig soon *gg* and if its not to big i can post is too =^.^=
Jazz Boner
Oo very cool *can I save it? ^^ *
It reminds me of Pr.McGonagall from Harry Potter :D ~
Yup, the color is amazing~ *-*
And this animation.. Rawwwrrr!!!!
I wish my cat did that too... <.<
Great edit
Owh nice!
Cat to Priest Neko
This is are the single pictures for a little gif animation

I want to make a sig out of the animation, but i think it will be too big :/

(arg, had to resave it 3 times now ;_; first with white bg (cant see the figures with white bg), then it was too big (over 400 pixel ...) /hmm)

Nymph Dancer Neko
Hum, i wonder if dancers would be able to dance with such long hair /hmm

first one is the normal hair color from Wicked Nymphs, second one is the exotic way ...
maybe i should color the dress too? O.o

I don't like the eyes >-<

but it looks very exotic:3~
Windy Priest o.O Neko
i just love the green clothes from Windy Ghost and his evil rod O.o
combined with my priestress its a Windy priest ?.?

btw: i want the cape ingame ;_;

It looks really cool, especially the hair colour <3
She looks cute, nice idea ^^
Hentai Bard Neko
UhmUhm, first entry here o.O
its a part of a sig i made for my boyfriend ^^"
inspired by his fable for pervert things >.>

is he going to kiss a worm? O_O!!!
well it doesn't fit to the gender but.. ok xD~

nice idea /gg :3~
well but when I see hodes I really think of pervert things too o_o"
And the name is also... ermerm >_>
^^" was the idea of a friend:
The story is the the bard is my boyfriend, a realy hentai bard who is always saying pervert things to everybody ...
And hes always like /hungry when he is seeing double meaning things like the monster Hode .... just a funny pic to make him blush
don't understand this one's sense .-.
*cough* I like this.........! XD
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