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Gallery of Mint_IceCream
Forever With You Mint_IceCream
Seems like all I ever do are signatures, huh?
Well, here's another one,

so sweet..
nice work~
Die Human! Mint_IceCream
Signature for my guild master =) he loves deviruchis /heh

This is a good one. :)
wow, cute deviruchi~
that signature is awesome o0o!! i really like it, nice work ^^
x3 how cute~!
Naughty Trio Mint_IceCream
Another signature I made.

very sweet *-*
Sweet on the inside Mint_IceCream
Signature for my guild leader and his wife =3

i like the style *__* nice work
Lolita's many characters Mint_IceCream
Another siggy I made. This is really heavy, I'm not sure if it will load at all X.x

Thats an awesome sig~ Can I ask you to make the head sprites of the High Priest, Assassin Cross, High Wizard, Super Novice, Gypsy, and Sould Linker? XD
I think they're from this page: but I'm not sure >.< I've been collecting RO sprites for a while now, and some of them are .act
.act files contains the colortable of a sprite.
I think they're from this page: but I'm not sure >.< I've been collecting RO sprites for a while now, and some of them are .act
I now some hairstyles but where did u get the hair form the High Priest and Creator?
Two of a Kind Mint_IceCream
Signature I made for someone at the server I play at.

Love knows no barriers Mint_IceCream
Signature I made for someone. It says 'Our love always suprassed all barriers...'

Dancer Remake Mint_IceCream
I honestly never liked the original dancer sprite, so I made one of my own =3

/no1 that's really good /no1
I'm the King of the World Mint_IceCream
Titanic-like siggy for my husband.

*My heart is go one*
<3 i love it
Lineage II > Ragnarok Online Mint_IceCream
I was inspired by MiYeon to make a L2 character into a RO sprite.

This is the reference pic I used:

hmm well I used to play in a private L2 server, I'm not sure how you get to it, besides that.

I don't think they would like it either XD But it's cool to play around with the sprites just for fun.
L2 seems like an intresting game to play just dunno if I need CDs or just internet instal to instal that game ...

nice sprite looks nice you could put it right into RO games but don't think that the people from L2 like it if the people from gravity would do that ._.
Reflections Mint_IceCream
"If you look closely to your relfection, you will see, My Doll, what really lies inside you..."

Seed Records Presents... Mint_IceCream
Just the promo pic of a proyect at our guild ^^

Mutant Assasin High Wizard Mint_IceCream
Another signature I made for someone. He asked for a 'sarcastic and arrogant, so I can make fun of my enemies in a subtle way. Flowers, happy things, dead bodies on the background.'

He also asked me to add his Guild emblem, which is in front of his amazing Lego castle, and the little .gif of the smiley hitting the emperuim, hardly visible throught the open door.

Digital Love Mint_IceCream
I made this for signature for my husband as a wedding gift. The edits are minor, clothes, hair, and them holding hands.

Aw so romantic ^_^! Very good these headgears
Awww its so cute
Thanks for your kind comments ^^

The title comes from a Daft Punk song, actually.

You can make the 'stars' almost anything. I usually grab a random image, set the blending mode to 'dissolve' and then change the Hue/Saturation/Luminosity, then duplicate the layer and use a bit of gaussain blur on the lower one, and that's it.

I also have some galaxy brushes for photoshop 7 which make my life easier ^^
Holding hands. ^^ That's so sweet. ^^

Eitherways, I really like the whole concept of the sig. Being in the moon and wishing to a falling star with the one you love. ^^

Btw, how'd you do the sky with the stars? It's really nice. Actually, nice is not the word, it's awesome. ^^

And oh! Cool title. XD Kinda nostalgic. XD
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