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Gallery of Milonar
Cloud Milonar
It's not my work. I just found it on Google. The one who made this is ~[Q]uinT~.

I don't know which server he plays. May be he quit Ragnarok. Because this Sprite is made in 2006. I also try to find some information about this person but have no luck.

Anyway, I see that we don't have many good Sprites about Cloud so I want to share to you guys. I guess there are many Cloud's fans out there.

Enjoys~ And I'm not stealing anything, Ok? So please don't thank me. But you can commet this Sprite is good or bad.

Thank you.

Soul Linker Milonar
Not thing special as you can see. That's the best I can do because my computer has some Viruses. They destroyed my Photoshop and other stuffs.

This is my Soul Linker. I love this job. You can see the hair is from Succubus with white color.

I believe some server, they have this hair style. (As they can have Dryad hair style and Alicel X_X) Well, I think that but I don't know which server has, so don't ask me.~ But if they have this hair style, it's pretty cool because Succubus is very pretty.

And then the clothes color. You can't have this in I'm sure. This is made from red and white~ You can find it in Rateofmyserver with style 89. But for the Soul Linker, it only has yellow and red. And I hate yellow!

That's all. Nothing more.

Lonely in the Wind Milonar
This is my first work and it's just a simple signature because my Photoshop has some problems.

Lonely in the Wind: I perfer a sad signature. With dark sky and blur effect as you can see in this small signature. It doesn't have much special but I hope someone will understand my ideas. Lonely is very sad, without anyone by yourside, you can't do anything good...

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