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Gallery of Mileth
3rd doll of the Rozen Maiden Mileth
The 3rd doll of the Rozen Maiden Suiseiseki.
Suiseiseki means \"Jadesternstein\" in German, which means \"Jade star stone\" in English.

Finally I finished her! I failed so MANY times!
My motivation left me...

I\'m not really satisfied with her hair.
But really... I HATE HER HAIR!!! >_<\"

(c) Sprite Art by Mileth
Don\'t steal it!

I made it in 4 - 5 hours, I guess.
The dress wasn't that difficult, drew with MS Paint the outlines and then color it. Highlight shadows... o.o

Just a matter of practice. :3

Thank you very much. c:
*-* WOW Her dress it's beauriful! It's perfect! I dont believe you do this in 10 minutes o_o. Teach me how XD. Her hair it isnt bad in my opinion. You must been have take a long time to make this edit. Congratulations =D.
Auch gut :D
Das Prob ist, ich hab' nichtmal wirklich geübt. c:"
Wie sagt man so schön:
Übung macht den Meister~
Und du siehst, es hat geklappt!
@pinkmilk, thank you. c:
I'm wondering myself why the dress came out so good. Done in 10 minutes. o.o"

I've spend more time on her hair as for the rest. ._."
Maybe I'll work on it again after I made the other Rozen Maidens. ;D

Desuuu~ :'D
Danke. *-* Früher habe ich das NIE mit dem Schatten & Highlights hinbekommen, hab mir immer von 'ner alten Freundin helfen lassen.
Weiß auch nicht, wieso dass so gut geworden ist. o:
Desu, desu, desu~~~

Das Kleid, einfach perfekt!
Woah! Awesome shadows/lights on her dress! o_o

Her hair isn't bad at all! u_u
Juz a bit more accuracy - but isn't bad!
Mileth OC Mileth
This is my OC Mileth.

Jeez, the outfit was so difficult...
But I love how it turned out. Like I wanted to. :D

Thanks everyone. ^^

Ja, mal gucken vielleicht mach ich mal eine. o:
Charakterdesign sieht gut aus =D
Mich würde ne gezeichnete Version interessieren. ^^
Hair and colors are great, rly. *-*
Very creative, I like it, gratz. <3
WeeRO Signature Mileth
The first Signature I've made myself. x3
Maybe you know the background base.
It's from another upload from here.

These are my characters
Mileth the High Wizard
Plueschie the Shadow Chaser
Berrybell the Wanderer
Mireiyu the Ranger
Rima the Archbishop

That white thing behind Plueschie's arms
is her cute pet Lunatic named "Yue".
I hope it looks like she would hug it. ^.^"

May the font doesn't really fit in,
but I didn't had any other idea...
If you have an idea, please tell me. :3

Don't steal it!

You need to copy the link above to visit the signature,
'cause it was too big too upload it here. :(
1st doll of the Rozen Maiden Mileth
The 1st doll of the Rozen Maiden Suigintou.
Suigintou means "Quecksilber Lampe" in german which means "Mercury Lamp" in english.

I failed a bit with her dress, but I hope she still looks good.
The left arm is really hidden, I know. But it's there! xD

Please don't steal any Sprite from me!

What the hell is YM or FB?
YM = yahoo mail?
If you have YM or FB . Add me :D Just PM me . Lets be friends :3
But I'm not a "pro spriter or dresser". xD
There are people who can do that better than me.

Mh. I don't know how I could teach you.
I edit my sprites in MS Paint and then I draw with the smallest brush tool.
I always do that with mouse, but sometimes I use my graphic tablet. If you want I gan give you the Gravity Color palette. There are all original colors from Gravity.
Sooo coool !!!

You are a pro spriter or dresser :3

Can you please teach me
6th doll of the Rozen Maiden Mileth
The 6th doll of the Rozen Maiden Hinaichigo.
Hinaichigo means "Kleine Beere" in german which means "Little (Straw)berry" in english.
But "Hina" ist also a traditional doll in Japan.

First I wanted to make Suigintou, but I failed
and made Hinaichigo instead.
But somehow it didn't turn out that well like I thought. :/
The body is from a child NPC, 'cause Hinaichigo is in the anime smaller than anyone else and therefore I made the sprite also a little smaller. :D

The next is Suiginou. :D

It's So cute !! thx for your sharing ^^
Yes, it is. *_*
Is Rozen Maiden like an Anime or something
Thanks. :D
Below there's also Shinku,
the 5th doll of the Rozen Maiden and another sprites. :3
o(^_^)o;= its so cute :3
Mileth Avatar Mileth
My photo with my High Wizard Mileth.
I edited the arm. Does it look weird? o_O
The moon took me long, 'cause first I didn't find a good moon.
But then I found this and recolored it. In orignal it's gold.. o_O

5th doll of the Rozen Maiden Mileth
It's the 5th doll of the Rozen Maiden Shinku.
Shinku means "Reiner Rubin" in german which means "Pure Ruby" in english.
I love the anime.
I started to make Suigintou, too but I failed somehow and deleted it... But maybe I'll make it again.

I know the arm looks here weird but there should be her pink rod,
but I failed with it.
I always fail with simple things... :( I need more practice...

But I'm so happy with the dress!
It looks so great! I think this is the best edit I ever made.
What do you think? :D

Forgive me my sins! Mileth
I like this edit very much.
Sakura200 helped me with the dress 'cause I couldn't do the shadows and the highlights and I thank her so much. *-* <3
The ball should be her sins, it's the monster Plasma (?).
I just recolored it black and made it smaller.
Got many problems with this. -.-

Love Hina - Su Kaolla Mileth
Another fan-sprite-edit! From Kaolla Su from Love Hina.
She's so cool. xD

She always wears her schooluniform and nobody knows why. o_O
I should do a remake of this, 'cause I have to make the skin darker and the uniform better...
Someday... ~.~

Love Hina - Maehara Shinobu Mileth
My first fan-sprite-edit! *-*
I love the manga Love Hina and I love Shinobu,
'cause she's so cute! *~*
So shy & innocent & kind. <3

But it's simple to make her. It's the anime outfit,
even if I hate the Love Hina anime. -_-
But in the manga she wears different outfits.

Its so cute :3
Awww so damnn cute <3
Kiss me...~ Mileth
A old friend of mine was so in love with a girl.
So I had the idea to make a kissing sprite.
I know, 'cause of the hand on the priests hip it looks like he has a LONG arm! xD
But I still like it somehow. :3

Change Myself Mileth
This was a part from a signature I wanted to make but failed.
It was a time where I hated myself and wanted to change.
But failed either. xD
It's not that good, I know.
But I like the wavy hair. :D

Ach so, hihi
Danke. :D
Naja, hab glatte Haare, hatte nur damals immer am Abend geflochten, damit ich Wellen habe. ^^;
Toller Edit *-,*
Du hast aber schöne Haare! *fav*
loved the hair, btw the character're all cute. ^^
New F-GM Outfit Mileth
Hey~ It's me - dark-moon-angel !
I moved into this account. I don't like the old name. x3
Not that you think I'm a thief who stole darkys art. ;D

This is very old.
I so love Female GM Outfits and I thought I could make a new one.
But somehow I failed. I don't really like it.
I didn't do much on this edit, just made the skirt of monk longer and so on...

Nice :3
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