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Gallery of Milay
Long hair Milay

I love this hairstyle...

I want to have it ingame... x3

If Bapho would be a man... Milay
Oh... I've seen just now, that I hadn't uploadet this sprite yet...

It's the same like in the Sig... but here he has a scythe in his hands...

I think, it's my best Sprite Edit till now...

Nice !
Can I take our idea for a bapho-girl ?
Really Nice! I like the Furry thing on his shoulders, And The Cape!. ;)
Persephone-Sig Milay
Oh well... Ehehehe... *swt*

It has become big... *swt* 2,7 MB.. I hope, not to big for uploading here...

I used 2 of my edited Sprites...

The human Bapho and a white Gypsy with long hair...

The text is the lyric of the song "Xavier" from Dead can Dance... One of my favourite songs <3 <3

Dead can Dance, eh?
You should listen to "Host of the Seraphim".
That is a really nice song.

And I really like this Sig as well. ;)
Together...^^ Milay
Well... My first trying with sprite editing...

It's my archer Hinata and my friend Keiran Horn <3

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