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Gallery of Mika~
Animation 4: Assassin Cross Mika~
Sexy punch in your face!!!1

Ok, the eye sucks a bit, but i love assa x dress /sexy!

Mettici qualche frame in più, non so se hai presente ragnarok battle animation, in modo tale da far tirare più pugni alla sin xD
L'immagine ce la vedo bene come lei che tira pugni al vento, per dare quest'impressione dovresti fargli strizzare anche l'altro occhio ^^

Una cosa che ho notato su tutte le ultime immy è la lentezza che hanno, la gippa è davvero carina, dovresti solo fargli svolazzare il cuore e velocizzarla ^^
Animation 3: Gypsy! Mika~
Shining stars from sexy lady's heart! She's like so cute *-* i love her.

Animation 2: Creator! Mika~
Yeah creator wannabe style opfer with machoman sunglasses... but her eyes are too cute for hide them. (Can u see sunglasses in her hands or is just a crap idea? q.q)

Animation 1: High Priest Mika~
I'm making some animated sprites. I will use them all for a single signature, but i post every one solo, they looks more cute imo^^

Well...i wrong, in the first frame the priest got romantic leaf in her lips, in the second one she got romanic flower XD. I took the decision to dont change it, is cute, seems like the flower is growing up *-*

*Sniff Sniff* Mika~

Is ugly i know, but i was bored and i create it in 10 minutes XD

Oh noes, my granny! Mika~
For my friend algren *_*/

Oh noes, Not granny! With out granny who would be there to bake the cookies?!

Very Sweet =3
Noir Chatte
wow... your works are very good!
i like them much! *^^*
Since bathorys are on alde dungeon 4 cubeplayers can't leveling on them. But the reason wasn't an acolyte...
Weed Power~ Mika~
Signature for my friend Sherwood <3

ValkyrianMika Mika~
My high priest want to be a valk ^_^!

Alice + Piamette Mika~
This is the result *^_^*!

Another MUST TRY variations of the Alice^^
Well i think if you could delete Pia's headgear and add Alice's hairband that would be better, but its good like this way too.
Sakura200 loooks.......xD" without blue tights it would look better q.q or if it have got another color
A Jealous Lif Mika~
lil lif is more cute than big lif! And she's jealous q.q

Great! I like the wings of the biochemist. :) Cool background */no1
VolleyBall Match! Mika~
Beach Volley Match ^^ Scholar team is the best imo XD

Noir Chatte
yay! i like this pic! o(^--------------^)o
Devotion <3 Mika~
A sig for a friend, perm devo on loki's of our guild^^ Thanks Jason for save our life so often XD.

Well, the emp sucks....its to much "yellow" XD but i was not able to find a better emp image for my sig. T_T

Also devotion is not the best...but i like it ^^.

I still got some problems with photoshop cs 2, when i save my images it change them a lot -.- in particular the shadow behind the images in .gif imgs.... i must save all in .png format, and this format is not supported in this lovely site XD ma soxa! I want back my old Photoshop T_T!!!

~* Dont use my img without my permission please ^.^ *~

Well...this is the real sig!

Format .png...

Someone know why if i save the same work with png format and gif format, it changes to much? Just watch both imgs q_q .gif sucks a lot....! help T.T
Maybe... Mika~
...with a black background is better? òO?

~* Dont take my pictures without my permission please! *~

Noir Chatte
Ou... it's so beautiful!
I also think that there are too many things on the picture, but they just seem to be a lot on the black
background... In my opinion they look good on the white background. By the way, nice sprite!
Thats my comment tough -.-
I agree with Sakura.
And... its worse with the black background, keep it transparent. Good color-choicing.
well...i think there is too much glitter and things XD so full +_+
but i think the rest is good ;D
Snow in love! Mika~
Gypsy in love detected!

~* Dont take my picture without my permission please! *~

U are a pirate! Mika~
My assa x is wearing Drake's Clothes o.o!

~* Dont take my sprites without my permission please *~

lol ö.ö
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