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Gallery of Meffe
Wild Iris Admin Siggy Meffe
A siggy I made for a 'lil contest for the Admin, Navy, of our 'lil fanbase forums for our Iris server of iRO.
Wild Iris ! :D

We had a few run-ins with one of those "Error" pages, so I decided to make some light humor with it.
((Those are fixed now though. Heheh.))

Some splicing and edits here/there. Yadda yadda yadda.
Y'all can see what is different.

I like the Yoyos. =B

XD I did win, heheh.
The BG I found on 4Chan.. so no telling where it originally came from. o__O;
nice bg nice yoyo XD
you'll win the lil'contest~~ /no1
Look At That... Cape ! Meffe

Had fun with this one.
And I tried to upload it yesterday buuuut it didn't go through ?
Is it not in good taste or was my IE just lame-lame ? e.e

But yeah no major edits.. just spliced some HP things together and made the Homun jiggle. Heheh.

hmm a few mistakes on the HP :(


I love jiggling humons
Nice ! I love Flamby x3
No No Anubis ! Meffe
Made this Siggy from the sprites of Anubis aanndd... uh.. the 'lil girl who carries the bunny. Forgot her name. :x
Edited her clothes off and put 'em on to a sprite that I edited out of a dancer for the hair of my HP.
If that makes sense at all. o-o

Oow , Thanks , I searched too.
And love your work, nice'n'cute :3
the monster is called Piamette =)
yeah the bunny is from a monster ... but i dont know the name :D
I like it, the bunny is cute even I don't like pink :x
The Idea is good and the Bones and Skuls...<3 I love them xD
Lol. Nice job
Anubis: *hehe* gonna kill this bunny /gg
Girl: NO!! *cry* u meanie ;_;
me: *poof* nice sigh =)
both: what the heck!! where did u came from?
me: erm
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