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Gallery of Mankuzo
Mankuzo's Chapter Mankuzo
A boy, a hero, a destiny

i'm sry that this comment is ???
but that lhz monster high priest
card scares me /scary
*drools* to cool to look away but keep staring. wow i dont care if the sprites are not changed this look sweet
yes all are the same... well... i don`t have good ideas jeje thanks for the coment
Well, sure it can be a little more intresting if you recolor some of your character to make them more individual. I think this kind of gallery is needed for some users - like me - who loves RO rpg :)
I think you're gallery is boring, 'cause you haven't one edit... Just those... pics. xd
Hikari's Chapter Mankuzo
A demon who one you see wanted to destroy the humanity, now he wants to be the same one and to release it of the Thanatos demon

wow those pics are kick ass where did you get them form?
well thanks but your work are very good and are better than my
Wow^^ I love thoose pictures, Its really good idea!!
I LOVE your work^^!
This is the cover of my histories, In a parallel world to this call Enterra, an assassin called Zero have a call to the change and was destined to save the world that one you see terrified it knew much friend and he was happy, could finish its mission thanks to them, his true friends, but he and their friends were not of that world if not from ours, when returning they took it as a dream but now is another adventure for Zero, he enter the World of RAGNAROK and he was divided in 6 charas:
- Goyoku Creedo: The final head of its old adventure defeating it to finish all that adventure since being creed and bad destroi the life of all in Enterra, but Goyoku was part of Zero...
- Hikari: He are the good part of Zero were very similar to single him but differentiated by the hair, the have that to resign to its kindness to be a demon and to destroy the group of Zero since if he no do it Goyoku did not clear to him the most appraised of its life... his heart
- Netamu: Zero I fall in love with a girl roasts time the were a prisoner in a spaceship called Nirvana and that girl took food to him, when there were problems in a ship managed to escape, the ship was in proses of self-destruction, Zero wanted to rescue her but a series of unfortunate events she "dies" in its arms, time later she appears but it does not remember him, another one of the group called Kenji falls in love with her and she of him, they stay together and of those jealousy born Netamu a perfect clone of Zero, tapeworm all the rage and the revenge of Zero when seeing as they kissed in front of him
-Zero[Absolute ]: Of the Wrath of Zero appeared a monster. Called Absolute, he was all the rage of Zero, now taken one from human we do not know so why...
-Mankuzo: It is as chilhood lost of Zero in Enterra wants to be a Heroe to save to everybody of Ragnarok of The THANATOS'S ORDER
-Zero[Ultimate ]: Like Digimon, Zero and its 5 friends have as evolucions this is finish stange of Zero, the callus in this world and has like rare memories but this safe one that was with their friends in Ragnarok and when it was captured but does not know who...
This is the true histori sorry for my english is too bad
The Backgrount are the friend of Zero (He is the gunslider)

well not is normal we are in different servers, and you are right on my English is bad very bad "Sorry"
But it does not important the language the we are unites the same game
One of my friends using the name Hikari too, but in his story Hikari is a sohee who belongs to the main character. Your english isn't the best :P
thanks but is not dificult i only use paint if wants how i do this post a coment
Whoa!! That is soooooooooo GOOD^^!!!!
Its so colourful *-*
Amazing^^! Yay For Mankuzo!!!!
Netamu's Cahpter: Chapter 2 "The Treas Mankuzo
The last mission of this Team it was total failure, but what they nonwise are of which, was in fact a trap for them and for that reason the authorities of Prontera discovered them, they ran not to be catched but Netamu deflection, Moboster lead them to a house, where he take advantage of the panic and killed to all those of the group with the help of others, Moboster remained counting the corpses with blood in the hands but whatever occurred that lacked one...
To be continue

Netamu's Chapter: Chapter 1 The new Thief Mankuzo
A peculiar history a boy enters a group of bandits, attacking thieves and assassins (Equal to the Genei Ryodan "Hunter x Hunter") Conformed by Kuro(Lider 2), Lin, ¿Moboster?, Netamu, Kira, Sherlok and Cleopatra(Lider 1), Yhea if Moboster, the monster is Moboster Were to this band, good friends all professionals less Netamu than was in training but to the passage of the days...

HeroesTeam Mankuzo
They are 3 of my charas they are the good boys (tipico) Mankuzo wants to be a hero a legendary hero, Zero wants to find her friends and Hikari wants life in pace with his past

soon Netamu's Chapter [1 and 2]
cool i mean realy cool i would post mine but mine look stupid they are little little pics of the character and long arse dicrpitions. but you is shot and sweet. I LOVE THESE
DarkHoleTeam Mankuzo
They Are 3 charas of my count Netamu only wants revange, Zero wants destroy a Satan moroc and Goyoku wants to became a King of all the word

you are Skylark right but it is a fact that the "villains" call plus the attention, waits for histories of them and of the heroes to
these character look cooler than your heros. but vilans always do
Thats a really good idea^^! I like how you've put a story into your characters
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