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Gallery of Lisu
"MINE<3!" Lisu
This is a doll I made of my High Priest, Kirai-kun and a friends character, a Sniper named Neria.
They are married. Yes, Kirai was tricked into marrige by Neria. She got him drunk.
He wont admit it, but she's growing on him.

If you can't tell what's going on, here's a zoomed in picture that shows detail ->

I wanted to give Neira a Boys Cap because that's what she wears now, but I was having a hard time with the angle of her head and the hat... so I draw Angel Wings instead ^^; She also has an eye patch if you couldn't tell. Kirai has his usual Nurse Cap on.
Anyway... yup

Base -> <- site doesnt currently work, but at least I am trying to give credit.

aww really cute the story reminded me of final approach
Awww~ Very adorable indeed! :3
oh my goodness. this is very cute!
Hallowe'en Lisu
A sig I made for Halloween. I made some icons, too, but they are really no different than this. ^^ I borrowed a few things from a site, I dont remember what it was. But! Just letting you all know. Just like the RO sprites, they are not mine. I only edited them.

*glomp*kiss* Lisu
Yeah, I dunno, lol. I was bored and tired.

Assassin Cross x Gypsy

I really like that you actually put in the arms! not many people put that much dedication to make it look more realistic. :3

very nice job.
Awww. Love it. xD <3
Magikal Lisu
Here's one I forgot to upload. It's an older one of my mage and a friends High Wizard. Icon used for a few things. Edited the eyes and made the heart and the music note. Nothing elaborate XD

Onna Box Lisu
Icon I made a while back for my LJ.
Nothing too special, really, just edited the eyes and the box she's sitting on.

Happy Holidays Lisu
A sig I made for the holiday times. ^^

Forum Set Lisu
This is an icon and sig set I made for a forum for a server I play. ^^ Nothing too special. I used one of the new homunculus, the roses were pretty, and my character that is a Creator. ^^

Wow thats really lovely
It's pretty. :)
Take a Walk Lisu
I keep finding things I made that I forgot about. x.x
This is my assassin on iRO. I made a sig of her walking with a shadowish, forsee of her as a sin cross. Yeah, that's all. =x

nice~!!! /no1
Another for Panda Lisu
Here's another icon I made for Panda (The Great Panda)
I saw him do a skill with that pose and thought it would make a cool icon. So yeah, this is what I did.
This, too, was made a while back. ^^

hihi pandaaa~ .__.

love your bg's ^_^ (well at last love the whole edit~<3 q_q)
The Great Panda Lisu
This is a friends character, and I made this for him a long time ago. This was his present for going to job 50 on his aco-tobe-monk (on iRO).
I know the walking is a tad fast, but it's actaully pretty good. Think AGI UP, lol.

He's Mine Lisu
A friend asked me to make this for her.
It's her two characters fighting over a guy they saw.
Haha. XD;; Not my best, but she liked it.

Sorry if it's too fast. >.<
It's meant to go fast.. it's a fight o.o

Dusky V. Dark
Me' hubby has.... that exact same hair, is a monk... n' the goggles too. But it's Sakray~ What're the chances? o,o;; I'm glad none of ze' other girls get to lay a finger on him. XD;
Thanks to you all <3 ^^
nice ;)
added to my favourite!
it's nice! :3
now something is wrong with the monk...
eighter calming both down and making out with double the fun..or..
get a cam :3

ps: hai hai, ero fast desu, nee? ;3
Ready, Set.. Lisu
My main characters I play. Made this for a sig for some forum, but I never used it. Oh well. =o
Kourui Sasuno - Assassin
Amilitsa - Priestess
Lisu Inverse - Dancer

To the Death Lisu
My two dancers fighting.
One from iRO Sakray and the other from Loki.
I was bored when I made this. ^^; Thought it would be cute.

cute ^^
Just a little kiss Lisu
Icon of my hubbys priest trying to get a kiss from my dancer ^^;
It was an insperation from a pixel doll a made where he snuck one from her and surprised her.

Care for a ride? Lisu
a sig I made.. dont clearly remember why x.x

I know the alchie is my character, though =o

Hehe, thanks =D
And yes.. that alchie is quite evil >D
hahha...the alchie is evil /gg
hihi very cute ^_^~

I.. uhm I dunno how to explain which detail I really like from that pic ö_ö;
I think... It's sth about the colour.. so cool~

like it /!/! >_<
Light of Hope Lisu
This is my first ever edit. >.< it's not wonderful, I know.
But the thought came to me, and I thought it would be pretty.

Sorry if it's so big. It's just ment to be a pretty picture to look at. =o

AMAZING. I love itt~ <3 you're a great spriter :)
I think she meen the background ;) or? But the Picture is VEry Nice i like how the light falls on the Priestress it looks very Good *_*
Thanks to you both ^^
What texture? =o I used effects in photoshop, like the Dodge tool, and Burn tool and some light tool and.. a few other things, I forgot. x.x
uhm ._. <3
this is so beautiful ^_^
where did u get that texture from~?
wow ... this is a very pretty edit <3~
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