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Gallery of Linny
gypsy and sinx Linny
well this is me and my ro husband i made a new poze for bouthe chars

i know its over colord but it suposed to be in a collorfull signature^^
The picture is a bit overcolored, i think.
And the Foots from the Gypsy look a bit scared xD

But nice idea :3
My Avatar Linny
wel same story as my sig i made it a jpg so tate it 2 :P

My signature Linny
okey this is my sig thet dancer in it is me in UniverseRO clown and scholar are my 2 best frends

*(it suposed to be a png so the background will be transpirand but here they onely accept jpg and gif so made it a jpg with the same background color as the site:P)*

so plz rate it^^

cute ;3
nice signature!! =D
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