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Gallery of Leejuhn
my first sig Leejuhn
title explains it all, my very first attempt at making a signature banner XD
*had to shrink it cause of the size requirement ;_;*

This is a REAL sniper Leejuhn
Real snipers use guns! XD
Didn't know which one to put in, so I put in both. =3
This is used in an avatar pic for another site.
-added a armored vest (kinda hard to see)
-made black leather pants
-did a small edit on the boxes

Avatar Pic Leejuhn
My gunner avatar without the use of the gunslinger sheets
-background is the einbroch factory

Girlz Leejuhn
Edits I did on a medusa sprite and some very minor edits on the high wiz and priestess
I left my logo on there cause i submitted this to another place with several other edits in which u need to leave either a personalized logo & signature so people know who you are XD

Team17 Leejuhn
A group of gun toting characters i did a little while ago

-Flamethrower gunner was made using the top of the gunslinger in firing frame #4 with a champion's bottom in mid mace-swing
-Flamethrower weapon is actually the arquebus used by the antique firelocks
-Generator Pack and flametanks are just the Panzer Goblin's jet boosters

Ultimate Blue Mary Leejuhn
A pic I made for my sister's character out of boredom
not a whole lot of editting, but it turned out alright

BAM!!! Leejuhn
An innocent sleeping maiden is rescued from kobalds by a stalker and high priestess.

Stalker (mostly recolor)
High Priestess (hair, wings and book)
Kobolds (added a anime style bumb on their heads)
Medusa Sprite (an attempt to put clothes on her)

Packin Gunz Leejuhn
A squad of 4 come under attack by gryphons while searching for a ruin. Priests starts up a seal technique while a gunslinger provides covering fire with a flamethrower and a stalker thats about to blast a gryphon off the face of the planet. *Stalker is the one with the beam cannon*

Heroine Summon Leejuhn
My group of custom characters summon a High Priestess. And a Bigfoot is in for a blast from both a ninja and a stalker armed with a beam-cannon.

Old Avatar Leejuhn
Old avatar pic with fire effects

kaji jubaku Leejuhn
My editted Champ doing a lightning-fire seal skill

Another Random Stalker Edit Leejuhn
Stalker with a Katar and Sythe with an explosion in the background. All my pics appear a little grainy cause i have to change the formats from PNGs to JPEG >_<

Taste the Rainbow Leejuhn
my stalker's pet Deviruchi recieves a gift from the heavens with the three amigos staring at the scenery totally unaware of the falling anvil.

Cloud Rider Leejuhn
My stalker back from a successful raid with a ton of loot and a stolen cloud to boot

Minding My business Leejuhn
My stalker with a gatling and a recolored Tserugi sword on the back. And I still have no idea why im putting this avatar pic in here...

Random Ninja Girl Leejuhn
A ninja angel doing a seal technique with an explosion in the background for no apparent reason. Wish this site allowed PNG formatted pics, cause reformatting my pics makes them all grainy cause i do everything on MS Paint.
*Im too poor to afford Adobe Photoshop ;_;*

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